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Nvidia owners rejoice: Starfield’s DLSS update will start beta testing on Steam next week

In a much-anticipated move, Bethesda, in collaboration with AMD, is set to introduce Nvidia DLSS...

Nvidia owners rejoice: Starfield’s DLSS update will start beta testing on Steam next week

In a much-anticipated move, Bethesda, in collaboration with AMD, is set to introduce Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support for Starfield. This news comes as a relief to Nvidia graphics card owners who have eagerly awaited this enhancement to the highly anticipated space-themed role-playing game.

The announcement was made on Bethesda’s official channels, revealing that the DLSS update is poised to enter beta testing on the popular gaming platform Steam next week. DLSS technology has become a pivotal feature for modern gaming, significantly improving performance and visual fidelity by utilizing artificial intelligence to upscale lower-resolution images in real time.

The absence of DLSS support had initially sparked disappointment among eager fans when the partnership with AMD was unveiled earlier this year. Speculations arose that Nvidia users might miss out on this cutting-edge technology, a concern that has now been addressed with this promising update.

Modders, not wanting to wait for official support, took matters into their own hands and swiftly integrated DLSS and frame generation into Starfield. Bethesda later assured the community that they were working on an official implementation, though without specifying a concrete timeline.

With the impending beta release, players can expect a host of features, including Nvidia DLSS support, frame generation, display controls, and HDR optimizations for supported systems. This comprehensive update is poised to revolutionize the visual experience for Nvidia cardholders, enhancing the immersion and overall quality of gameplay.

Accessing the beta build is expected to be a straightforward process. Players will likely need to right-click on the Starfield title in their Steam library, navigate to “properties,” select the “betas” tab, and then choose their preferred option from the “Beta Participation” dropdown menu. Following this, an update of an undetermined size will need to be downloaded. Once completed, players will have the opportunity to explore the new features and report any encountered bugs, contributing to the refinement of the update.

The significance of this update cannot be overstated, considering that approximately three-quarters of PC gamers utilize Nvidia graphics cards. The decision to withhold DLSS support had puzzled many, especially since AMD had previously stated that Bethesda was free to incorporate DLSS support at any time. This move to finally integrate the technology is undoubtedly a positive step, ensuring a more inclusive and enhanced gaming experience for a significant portion of the player base.

Bethesda’s commitment to addressing the needs of its player community is further underscored by its announcement regarding AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR3) support in a future update. This indicates a dedication to providing a well-rounded gaming experience for users of both Nvidia and AMD hardware.

As the beta release draws nearer, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the opportunity to test and provide feedback on the DLSS update. Bethesda’s continuous efforts to refine and optimize Starfield in response to player feedback is a testament to their dedication to delivering a top-tier gaming experience.

In conclusion, the impending beta testing of the Nvidia DLSS update for Starfield marks a significant milestone for both Bethesda and the gaming community at large. Nvidia graphics card owners can now look forward to an enhanced visual experience, bringing them one step closer to a seamless and immersive gameplay adventure in the vast reaches of space. With this update, Bethesda reaffirms its commitment to delivering a polished and inclusive gaming experience for all its players.

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