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InGameLoop Staff

Abdullah Sarfraz

Motherboards & Graphics Cards Writer

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Arslan Ashraf


Arslan Ashraf is a dedicated tech writer with a rich background in Computer Science and five years of experience in the field. While pursuing his Bachelor's degree from Virtual University, he has honed his expertise in CPUs and CPU Coolers. His ability to simplify complex technological concepts has made him a valuable resource for a wide audience.

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Atif Liaquat

Tech Hardware Expert

A graduate in Computer Engineering from the prestigious NUST, Atif Liaquat possesses an innate passion for computer technology that dates back to his childhood days of experimenting with hardware and software. In the past six years, he has parlayed this passion into a successful writing career, delivering a wealth of knowledge to his readers with his unique blend of technical expertise and clear, engaging prose. His rare ability to demystify complex tech concepts for a broad audience distinguishes him in the industry. Atif's insightful and educational content continuously piques the curiosity of readers, cementing his position as an invaluable voice in the tech world.

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Sajid Ali

CEO, Lead Writer

Sajid Ali is a tech enthusiast and gamer who loves to write reviews about gaming hardware. He has a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and loves sharing his knowledge with others. Sajid studied Intermediate Computer Science at Degree College and went on to earn his Bachelor's in Computer Science from GSC. In his free time, you can find him testing out new hardware and software, or playing the latest video games. Sajid's in-depth understanding of computers and his love for gaming make him the perfect author to turn to for all things tech and gaming.

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Usman Haider


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Zakriya Amir

Motherboards & RAMs Expert

Zakriya Amir is an esteemed author and gaming enthusiast who began exploring the digital universe at age eight. His passion for gaming led to an interest in technology, especially hardware components like motherboards and RAM. Over the past six years, he has specialized in writing about these topics, delivering content that is both accessible and insightful. His work reflects a unique blend of gaming experiences and technical knowledge. Today, Amir is a recognized figure in the realm of tech literature, bridging the gap between gamers and tech enthusiasts.

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