How to get Free Steam Keys 2023 (Top 3 Websites)

How to get Free Steam Keys 2023 (Top 3 Websites)

Some Websites Offer free steam keys daily to promote new games or platforms. But one of the biggest problems is that people don’t know how to get free Steam keys from those websites. There is a reason why people can’t take advantage of the discounts or free games that Steam offers. Furthermore, not having a Steam account can be a disadvantage, as it means you can’t chat with other gamers, access community features, or access your game library. In this article, we will give you all the answers to the questions in your mind and give you the best websites to get free Steam keys.

Video games are a beautiful activity that allows us to escape the real world. There is no doubt that playing video games is extremely fun, and this hobby is so expensive. If you are a serious gamer, you are lucky because it’s possible to decrease video game costs by using a call stream platform. Steam is a downloadable gaming platform that allows gamers to browse and shop for games in a central marketplace. Steam also lets you play games for free and save money if you are creative.

What is a Steam Key?

A “Steam key” is a code that will give you permission to download the game from the gaming platform Steam and then play it. Steam keys are tools game developers use to sell their games in other stores and retail stores. It is free of charge and can be activated by customers on Steam to grant a license for their products. Valve provides the same free high-frequency services to users who activate a Steam key as it does to users who purchase licenses on Steam.

We ask you not to treat Steam users any worse than users who buy Steam Keys outside of Steam. While there is no fee to generate keys on Steam, we want contributors to use the service wisely. Steam provides a fully secure platform for buying a game; there is no risk of purchasing a fake game, and it gives you options to resell your game; these are things you do not often see with digital purchases.

Top 3 Websites to Get Free Steam Keys in 2023

1. Epic Store (AAA Paid PC games for free)

Epic Games
Epic Games

The Epic Store is one of the most famous websites for downloading paid games for free. And this store gives away some paid games every week and has a record of keeping giveaways of some popular games such as Hitman 2016, Watch Dogs 2, Metro 2033, Borderlands, Civilization VI, GTA V, and more. It also has a feature for many free battle royale games, such as Spellbreak, Rogue Company, Rocket League, and the all-time popular Fortnite. There is no doubt that the Epic Store is the best website to download PC games for free. is the most popular and community-driven gaming website that helps millions of gamers discover Steam giveaways while providing publishers and developers an attractive way to find new players. Free Steam Keys lists thousands of legitimate Steam Keys in one convenient place used by gamers daily. Users submit, search and share links to provide ongoing gaming. Members also receive a daily email or real-time browser notification alerting them to the best free steam giveaways.


Free Games on Steam
Free Games on Steam

If you want free games on Steam, r/FreeGamesOnSteam is an excellent place for gamers to find out what’s new on Steam and how to get free games on Steam. People are constantly posting on this community page with keys, free steam games, codes, and other ways to access steam games wholly free or at a heavy discount. The page is primarily a message board updated when paid games run on free trials, but there are also plenty of free Steam Keys.

Where to get Free Steam Keys (Step-by-Step from

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow the Instruction Shown to Get Steam Keys; the guide is focused on learning how to Get Free Steam Keys from Gleam Giveaways.

  1. First Goto

    The name of the Subreddit is Free Games on Steam

  2. Confirm that the Game isn’t Strikethrough.

    Make sure to choose a game which is still available

  3. Do the actions mentioned in the Giveaway

    You will have to do all the actions mentioned in the Giveawayfree-steam-keys-guide-3

  4. Copy the Key from the Green Box

    Now Copy the key from Green Box which is showing at the header of the giveawayfree-steam-keys-guide-4

  5. Redeem the Key in Steam

    Now you can redeem the key in Steam or Give it to your friendfree-steam-keys-guide-5

Ways to Get Free Steam Keys

There are some ways to get free Steam keys. Of course, you can always purchase them from Steam and other players on third-party websites. But there are a lot of opportunities to get free Steam keys, including giveaways and contests.

  • Giveaways: This is an authentic way to get free Steam keys through a giveaway. The best place to find them is on Reddit, where several giveaway lists are available daily. You can easily subscribe to the one you are interested in and keep track of the Steam keys offered there.
  • Contests: This is the best way to get Steam keys if you are a good player or are lucky enough to win. Several contests are available on the web, including those sponsored by gaming sites or by Steam itself. You may also find widgets hosted on various third-party sites.
  • Use because it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in getting new games for free.
  • Use r/FreeGameFindings: This subreddit is committed to helping you discover free games and Steam keys all over the place! Whether it’s Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Nintendo Consoles, or Playstation, you can get a free key here.
  • Follow FreeGamesOnSteam. This is another way to get free Steam keys and giveaways.

Free Product Keys: The most common way to get free Steam keys comes in the form of key generators, which can create working keys for anyone. Many reputable websites provide these, but you should always run them through virus scanners to ensure they are safe.

Why do these websites giveaway free steam keys?

There are many reasons why these websites give away free Steam keys. Look at some of these reasons.

Increase in sales of games:

The online game stores give away free games daily. Particular sites give you popular Steam games at a high discount. The purpose of the contest and game giveaway is to attract visitors, which has a very positive impact on sales because among the more free visitors may be buyers.

Promotion of social networks:

The administrators of channels, groups, and the public create many free giveaways to promote social network purposes, and the subscription is a critical condition for the contribution to giveaways. But this method of social network promotion is not entirely honest because most of the subscribers invited by this method would not purchase anything and would unsubscribe after enjoying it.

Promotion of a new game:

Every new game needs promotion. The steam keys create giveaways for the promotion of new games. The giveaways play an essential role in attracting players. If the game is exciting and the players like it, they will leave a positive review of it. It is the best way to promote the new game and increase sales.


The Steam key is a code that allows you to download the game from the gaming platform Steam and then play it. Steam offers free games every month to try out something new. Several websites give free Steam keys; we mentioned above the three top websites that provide free Steam keys. The Epic Store is one of the most famous websites for downloading paid games for free. It has a feature for many free battle royale games, such as Spellbreak, Rogue Company, Rocket League, and the all-time popular Fortnite.

The second one is, the most popular and community-driven gaming website. Free Steam Keys lists thousands of legitimate Steam keys in one convenient place gamers use daily. And third, the FreeGamesFindings website is an excellent place for gamers to discover what’s new on Steam. There are plenty of free Steam Keys. These ideas will help you find many free Steam games and help you save money on your gaming habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cdkeys illegal on Steam?

No, CD keys are not illegal on Steam and can be used without any problems. But it depends on the specific country in which you are located. It is a third-party service that allows users to purchase different games and software from retailers without entering their credit card information.CD keys do not require entering your credit card information, which is considered fraudulent.

Is Myfreesteamkeys legit?

FreeSteamKeys is a site that automatically displays free games online. If companies are giving away steam keys or hosting their game free for you to download for a limited time, FSK has it and tells you about it. Overall, it is a straightforward website to work with and is very legit.

Is there a way to get a Steam game for free?

There are many ways to get free Steam games. You will get free games from the official Steam store. They provide genuinely free games, which you download from Steam, and you get instant access to all content, no holds barred. The other ways to get free Steam games are to subscribe to various websites that keep track of game giveaways. Developers either offload old games or beta-test new ones. Either way, these giveaways will often give you full games for free without any cost. You can bookmark and follow a few sites: Humble Bundle, FreeGameFinders, and the Twitch Prime subscription service.

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