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Is Video Gaming a Hobby? When is it Safe? 2024

In today’s competitive environment, people spend most of their time working and have minimal time...

Is Video Gaming a Hobby? When is it Safe? 2024

In today’s competitive environment, people spend most of their time working and have minimal time to do things they enjoy. Though this is far from the case, playing video games is frequently perceived as a mindless and isolating activity. A distinctive and large community exists around video game culture who play different games since these make them happy. But the question is, why? Is video gaming a hobby, profession, or something else? Be with us throughout this post and get your answer in full detail, together with the pros and cons of gaming and more. 

Is video gaming a hobby?

First thing first, what is a hobby? A hobby is a regular activity that one partakes in to enjoy and pass the time. When not working or spending time with family and friends, someone who enjoys various activities will frequently engage in those activities. Hobbies, including gardening, cooking, drawing, painting, playing sports, and reading literature, are often affordable. After a long day, they enable individuals to unwind and partake in fun activities. When they are not playing their favorite games, gamers frequently work or spend time with their loved ones.

Is video gaming a hobby? Well, the short is an absolute yes. Playing video games is considered a hobby since you enjoy spending your time as amusement. It’s pretty similar to fishing, playing football, or gardening, as it all makes you happy. Gaming players may even prefer playing video games to hanging out with friends, making gaming their passion. Gamers can share their favorite games and in-game stuff with their family members and friends. But gaming has become more than just a hobby, so let’s explore its other aspects!

What are the benefits of playing video games?

People have come to assume that video games have more negative aspects than positive ones throughout time. Although gaming has disadvantages, they do not completely outweigh the advantages of gaming in moderation. Gaming is a totally acceptable pastime that can actually help you better yourself. Play is an essential component of human development, and it doesn’t end when we become adults. Through gaming, we can learn a wide range of abilities. Here are some benefits of playing video games:

  • Sharpen your mind: Playing certain video games can be good for your brain. The various difficulties and puzzles in video games can exercise your brain. Regularly performing this exercise can improve your memory, perception, and motor control by increasing the grey matter in your brain. 
  • Improve mental health: Additionally, it can boost mental health by increasing brain connectivity and lowering the risk of despair and anxiety just like any other hobby. 
  • Give you soft skills: Playing gaming also improves your communication and social skills, since you engage with others. According to the results of previous research, kids who played video games frequently were able to succeed in their social environment. 

What are the drawbacks of playing video games?

Gaming is undoubtedly a good hobby. But one specific issue that is frequently mentioned is the addictive nature of video gaming. Although many might disagree, this is a fact. Gaming is a hobby that might have negative implications when pushed too far, so it’s crucial to avoid this. It’s acceptable if you engage in gaming, but don’t overdo it and maintain other interests as well. It can be called an addiction and should be addressed seriously if you become addicted to video games or if it negatively impacts your life. Some drawbacks to video gaming are given below:

  • Gamer’s bad behavior: Video games might encourage aggressive behavior, especially in young people. Research implies that playing violent video games increases aggressive sentiments, thoughts, and conduct, even if there isn’t much concrete data to support this.
  • Affect mental health: An individual’s mental health may be affected by gaming addiction if it becomes an addiction. Make sure to play it only when you have spare time, not when doing other tasks. 

When does gaming become a bad hobby?

When gaming becomes a bad hobby when it begins to control your life, and you neglect obligations in favor of playing games. There are consequences for this kind of conduct, such as losing contact with family members or friends who don’t share your interests. It’s, therefore, critical to avoid neglecting other facets of life. You must remember that even if they might not be the main priority in your life, they are still important. You must not spend all your day playing games but do other chores. Give time to your family, work, and life goals. 


In conclusion, video games’ core tenet is to give their users a distinctive experience, not merely through gameplay but also through extras created for the game. Even though some consider it a hobby, which it’s, many do not know where the lines are drawn. It’s quite complex to answer if video gaming is a hobby, but it’s in reality, since people like to play games in their spare time. Further, you’re playing games because you love doing, so it’s a hobby and can be fun. However, to make gaming a legitimate hobby, make sure to play when you’re free, not to waste your time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is video gaming good?

Yes, it’s if played in your spare time. Nearly half of all households in America have one or more gaming-specific personal computers, and the average American home has at least one devoted gaming console. Many kids and teenagers spend a lot of time playing video games these days, but some parents might question if this is suitable. People can inquire, what are video games? Well, video games are just computer or console software programs that can be played.

What are the benefits of gaming?

There are several benefits of playing games for current-era enthusiasts. It reduces stress and anxiety and can enhance your perception. In addition, it may also boost your focus and observation power. But remember, the benefits keep looking only when you play games in your spare time. If you’re playing games while working, doing your job, or when you have to do some other chores, video gaming may not be a good choice.

How many hours of gaming is okay?

Like any other hobby, how much you play games depends upon you, your usage, and how you manage other things simultaneously. Well, if you take it as a hobby, you can play games for 2-3 hours a day. In contrast, the playing hours may vary if you’re somehow related to the gaming profession, like you may be a streamer or on YouTube. Still, play is safe until you’re not affecting your other chores like family, friends, and profession.

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