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How To Use Discord On PS4 Without PC? Tested Method

A couple of years back, high-class gaming was favored on desktops as they were considered...

How To Use Discord On PS4 Without PC? Tested Method

A couple of years back, high-class gaming was favored on desktops as they were considered the brilliant choice for getting incredible gameplay. High-level CPUs blew all other sorts of gaming supports out of the field. Anyone wishing to own fantastic gameplay would require a desktop setup, and tablets and PlayStation being unused and undeveloped advancements were ordinarily pushed aside. But in this computerized time of speedy progress, the swift movement has made it more achievable than ever to play graphically seriously diversions on play stations. 

Popularized by the vast gaming community, Discord has been universally sued by 140 million individuals per month. Firstly, it was produced as a voice and content chat application. However, it has become the go-to stage for getting a charge out of gaming with companions. Friction can be brought on numerous frameworks, but what about PlayStation 4? How to use Discord on PS4 without PC? Is it genuinely conceivable or not? Well, we’ll look at this fact in this post. We hope you will like this content as our other clients loved it.

What is Discord?

Discord is a cross-platform application comprising voice-over web conventions empowering its clients to send and get voice chat. Moreover, it allows photo and video sharing and lets you attend live meetings with your companions. It is free, secure, and performs well on your desktop and phone. Discord is more than fair a chat app. In truth, it is outlined for individuals with shared interests to collaborate. 

One of the imaginative things that strife has is that it comprises servers that are fundamentally committed to different niches, including music, anime, gaming, and numerous others. Having that said, it’s cross-platform; you’ll be able to interface with individuals sitting past PC, Mac, IOS, and countless other sorts of gadgets. So, let’s consider whether it allows installing Discord on PS4. If yes, then how?

Can you use Discord on PS4?

To be exceptionally clear, It’s a yes. Clients can get to Discord on their PlayStations without a PC. But still, it’s not that essential as no common app has been created by both companies. However, this does not halt you from utilizing Friction on PS4 without a PC. Clients can get to highlights like perusing strife messages besides syncing voice calls over their PS. But it should be clear that not all the highlights can be acquired through their PSs. This direct will bring all the steps for getting essential Discord ease of use for gamers.

How to use Discord on PS4 without PC?

Users keen on connecting their PlayStation with Discord can do so with this guide. Generally, they will be able to access three features listed:

  1. Access their Discord on PlayStation.
  2. Receive Discord messages on their PlayStation.
  3. Access to voice chats for playing via Mix-Amp. 

1. Connect your Discord to your PlayStation

After following this detailed guide, users can connect their PlayStation account with their Discord account, where they can easily access their Discord messages and voice chats. 

  • Step 1: Open your Discord account on your PC or mobile > go to settings for accessing the page.
  • Step 2: Search for the Connections in the User settings > find all the connections for Discord under this setting.
  • Step 3: Find the PlayStation option > click it > access the PlayStation login page for further actions.
  • Step 4: Select your PlayStation console, PS5 or PS4. 

Note: Other users can access your profile to see your progress.

2. Receive Discord messages on PlayStation

Users are allowed to have access to their Discord messages on PlayStations. Although it’s not the most luxurious way of reading messages, still, it gets your job done at the primary level. Follow these steps if you want to read your discord messages on your PlayStation with a good view. 

  • Step 1: Go to the PS console’s settings > select PlayStation party > open a chat window with any of our friends.
  • Step 2: PS4 users can, as Discord is in build on your console. But, PS5 users need to access Discord’s official website to send messages.

3. Access voice chats for playing via Mix-Amp

If you’re a gamer, you would understand the importance of joining voice chats while having gameplay. They are crucial as they keep you updated with the progress of your closed ones. For this purpose, users should have a working mobile capable of running Discord on their smartphones. You will be able to join voice chats after following these steps. 

  • Step 1: Get another PlayStation account.
  • Step 2PS4 uses: go to Account Management > Activate as primary PS4PS5 users: go to Account > others > Console sharing > enable
  • Step 4: Take your phone > download the PS Remote Play app > launch the app > log in to your new account.
  • Step 6: Access PS remote play’ settings > set frame rate to lowest under Video quality for remoter play setting.


Discord has been a tremendous advancement without any question. It is being utilized by an expansive community of proficient gamers these days. It interfaces players empowering them to communicate in real time. This makes them lock in with others at an entirely modern level. Within the article, we talked about that how to use Discord on PS5 without a PC. Which is the foremost habitually inquired question. Your fair has to be taken after a few steps, and in this direction, we outlined all those steps.


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