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Does Gaming Monitors have Speakers? Explained! [2024]

Gaming is one of the favorite hobbies for millions of people in the 21st century....

Does Gaming Monitors have Speakers? Explained! [2024]

Gaming is one of the favorite hobbies for millions of people in the 21st century. Interestingly, it’s even getting more popular day by day among tech enthusiasts and other computer users. Suppose you want to make a custom gaming PC or upgrade the older one for a better experience. In such a case, the monitor is one of the most crucial components, since it showcases what you’re doing or how you’re playing different games. In addition, the scenes become more enjoyable if you’re getting clear-crystal sound from your PC while playing the games. 

Maybe this is the reason why we have received tons of email and text messages where people are asking, does gaming monitors have speakers? If not, how can a monitor without speakers produce sound? Moreover, many are looking for different methods and quick fixes to improve the overall sound quality of their speakers and sound systems. If you have any of the above queries, you’re in the right spot. In this post, read this until the end since we’ll introduce you to whether the monitors have speakers, the benefits of gaming displays, and more.

Does gaming monitors have speakers?

Most of the time, gamers prefer using headphones instead of an open or built-in speaker, since these offer enhanced sound clarity and a better overall experience. Therefore, not all monitors have built-in speakers. At the same time, some gaming monitors do have audio speakers. In short, the presence of speakers on gaming monitors entirely depends upon the brand and model you choose. When your query is cleared, it’s time to uncover why you need speakers on the gaming displays. Plus, what are the benefits and disadvantages of these speakers? 

Why choose a gaming monitor with speakers? What are the possible advantages? 

There are several reasons or advantages of having built-in speakers in gaming monitors. So, let’s explore why to choose a gaming monitor with speakers and what are the possible advantages! 

  • Something is better than nothing: I’m sure you must have heard this phrase before, and it also applies to the speakers in gaming monitors. If speakers are built into the monitor, this will result in only a minor increase in the monitor’s thickness or chin. But if it doesn’t have built-in speakers, its footprint will be the same. In short, it’s simple to understand that having speakers on a monitor is better than their absence.
  • Better and louder sound: The most obvious and important benefit of having speakers on a monitor is better and louder sound quality. In this way, you can enjoy a better gaming experience, track your targets precisely, and do more than you expect. Moreover, if you don’t like to put on headphones and prefer the open-speaker sound coming from a PC, monitors with speakers are for you. 
  • Clutter-free desktop: Suppose you have some speakers in your PC connected via wires, and you don’t like cords under or upon your desk. In such a case, having a gaming monitor with speakers will give you a clutter-free desktop. There will be no wires running around your PC and no need to take care of the external speakers. All you have to do is just to purchase a monitor with speakers. 
  • Save money on external speakers: Another benefit of having speakers in the monitor is that these save you money on external speakers. If these are in your PC’s display, there would be no need to purchase external speakers and pair them with your computer. Furthermore, if you buy a good-quality monitor with built-in speakers, the overall sound quality will also be way better than the external speakers. 

Do monitors with speakers work well for gaming?

When it comes to sound quality, speaker tuning is an essential element that can make or break it. There is absolutely no adjustment for the overall sound quality with solitary speakers. But the sound of monitors with speakers can be altered to get your ideal sound. Actually calibrated to stand on a firm surface, the speakers in gaming monitors can produce significantly better sound. Monitors for gaming with speakers work well for gaming because you can hear the audio in your game thanks to the speakers built into your gaming monitor.

Other than the sound quality of the monitors, there are several other factors as well that you must consider. A good gaming display must support the adaptive refresh rate technology that your GPU supports and have a high refresh rate. Use a Free sync display if you have an AMD GPU and a G-Sync monitor if you have an NVIDIA GPU. While certain displays offer cross-sync and current AMD and NVIDIA GPU drivers somewhat permit the use of rival adaptive sync technology, you will enjoy pairing a good monitor with the right GPU.


For gamers searching for the finest possible gaming experience, gaming monitors are a wonderful option. But are there speakers in gaming monitors? Well, yes. Plenty of top-tier gaming monitors have built-in speakers and can give you extraordinary sound quality. At the same time, few even lack built-in speakers; hence the presence of speakers may vary from monitor to monitor and brand to brand. Suppose the display you bought has speakers. In such a case, it will give you better sound quality and a neat desktop and save you money in purchasing external speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gaming monitors?

The purpose of gaming monitors is to enhance the gaming experience via better overall sound quality. They include elements that give players a sharper, more accurate view of the game and sound that improves the gaming experience. Compared to ordinary displays, gaming monitors typically feature a higher resolution, which improves the sharpness of both images and text. The graphics and text will appear more dynamic when you move your head or look in a different direction.

Should you consider a gaming monitor with speakers?

If we look at the benefits, the answer is yes. One reason is that many gamers enjoy the sound of their own voices while playing, which might be advantageous. Furthermore, some monitors have speakers integrated into them that are intended exclusively for gaming, which can offer greater audio quality than monitors without speakers. Additionally, since players may utilize the monitor as a second screen for watching videos or streaming content, some gamers favor using monitors with speakers.

Do we use gaming monitors for other purposes?

Yes, you can. Gaming monitors are also made to be portable and light, making them ideal for use while traveling. You can frequently see a variety of monitors, frequently with a truly terrible design, with the label “gaming” placed on them by their manufacturers. In fact, a lot of people think that gaming displays are costly monstrosities that were derived from “office” monitors. The truth is that just because a monitor manufacturer writes “game” in large, flashy characters on the package of one of its monitors doesn’t automatically make it suitable for gaming.

What characteristics does a gaming monitor have?

There are a few characteristics that are frequently present in gaming monitors. A gaming monitor will typically have a resolution of a minimum of 1080p, a refresh rate of a minimum 144Hz, and a response time of a minimum of 1ms, though these specifications can vary depending on the specific model. Many gaming monitors also come with built-in speakers, so you can watch movies or listen to music as you play.

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