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RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super Specs Leaked

A renowned tech leaker @Kopite7kimi has once again taken center stage, revealing what appears to...

RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super Specs Leaked

A renowned tech leaker @Kopite7kimi has once again taken center stage, revealing what appears to be a detailed glimpse into Nvidia’s highly anticipated upcoming lineup. According to the leak, Nvidia is set to introduce three powerful additions to their GeForce RTX 40-series, namely the RTX 4070 Ti Super,  RTX 4080 Super, and RTX 4070 Super.

If the information holds true, the GeForce RTX 4080 Super is poised to be a game-changer. It is expected to house the formidable AD103 graphics processor in its full glory, boasting an impressive 10,240 CUDA cores. This revelation promises a significant leap in performance, solidifying Nvidia’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge graphics solutions.

Moving down the roster, the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super commands attention with its reported enhancements over the original RTX 4070 Ti model. The graphics card is said to be armed with Nvidia’s AD103 GPU, featuring a generous 48 MB of L2 cache and a robust 16GB 256-bit GDDR6X memory subsystem. These improvements hint at a substantial boost in power and efficiency, showcasing Nvidia’s dedication to refining its offerings for the most discerning of users.

However, skepticism looms over the nomenclature of the purported newcomers. Even @Kopite7kimi himself expressed reservations about the likelihood of these releases. The GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4070 Super, while intriguing, remain speculative until Nvidia’s official confirmation.

As the industry speculates on the authenticity of these leaks, questions arise about Nvidia’s strategy behind such a diverse lineup. Analysts suggest that this move could be a response to the glaring price and performance disparities within the current GeForce RTX 40 series. While such gaps may have been strategic earlier in the year, potentially driving consumers towards higher-end options, the market’s evolving dynamics might now warrant a more inclusive approach.

The impending launch of the ‘Super’ lineup is anticipated to be only ‘weeks away,’ according to the source. This revelation adds weight to the credibility of the disclosed information. With Nvidia’s track record for delivering groundbreaking technology, enthusiasts and gamers alike eagerly await the unveiling of these new graphics cards.

Nevertheless, caution remains the watchword. The unconventional naming scheme and the speculative nature of these leaks necessitate a measured approach to the information presented. As with any pre-release details, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised until Nvidia officially unveils its latest offerings.

The leak of Nvidia’s purported GeForce RTX 40-series ‘Super’ lineup has sent shockwaves through the tech community. If accurate, the RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and RTX 4070 Super promise to be formidable additions to Nvidia’s already impressive arsenal. As enthusiasts eagerly await further updates, the industry remains poised for yet another leap forward in graphics technology.

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