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MSI’s Limited Edition RTX 4060 NV Edition Cards Up for Sale Today

MSI, a leading name in the world of graphics cards, has officially launched its highly...

MSI’s Limited Edition RTX 4060 NV Edition Cards Up for Sale Today

MSI, a leading name in the world of graphics cards, has officially launched its highly anticipated Limited Edition RTX 4060 NV Edition graphics cards. This release marks a significant milestone in MSI’s enduring partnership with Nvidia, spanning over two decades.

The Limited Series, a new sub-brand introduced by MSI, is making its debut with the Nvidia-themed RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition. This exclusive release comprises 6,000 meticulously crafted graphics cards, now available for purchase in Europe. Customers in the United States can look forward to availability at 6 PM PST today.

Thirteen esteemed retailers, spanning regions including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, have the honor of presenting these limited edition graphics cards to the eager gaming community.

However, it’s worth noting that despite the official launch, all online retailers are currently offering these cards for pre-order. While the reasons for this approach remain undisclosed, it is speculated that vendors may be utilizing pre-orders to efficiently manage the distribution of these highly sought-after products.

The GeForce RTX 4060 Gaming X NV Edition, also known as the RTX 4060 NV Green colorway limited edition, embodies the essence of this celebratory release. Adorning a distinctive green-and-black color scheme, the card features six RGB accents on the shroud’s top and bottom. 

This visually striking design is further accentuated by the central dragon logos on the fan hubs, now elegantly painted green. An NV Edition badge graces the rear backplate, proudly symbolizing this special release.

Underneath the unique aesthetic, both this model and the standard Gaming X variant share identical specifications, boasting a 2595MHz boost clock and 17Gbps memory. This ensures that gamers can expect the same exceptional performance regardless of their choice between the limited edition or the standard model.

As the Limited Edition RTX 4060 NV Edition cards make their way into the hands of gaming enthusiasts, they stand as a testament to MSI’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge graphics solutions. This release not only showcases technical prowess but also pays homage to a decades-long partnership with Nvidia that has been instrumental in shaping the gaming landscape.

With availability set to expand across the United States, enthusiasts can anticipate a surge of excitement as they vie to own a piece of this limited edition release. The combination of performance, aesthetics, and exclusivity makes these cards a coveted addition to any gaming setup.

For those fortunate enough to secure one of these limited edition RTX 4060 NV Edition cards, they are sure to possess a collector’s item that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines MSI’s legacy in the gaming industry.

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