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MSI MAG Tomahawk motherboard with Intel B760 chipset leaks out

Videocardz shared a post four days ago showing a leaked picture of MSI's upcoming B760...

MSI MAG Tomahawk motherboard with Intel B760 chipset leaks out

Videocardz shared a post four days ago showing a leaked picture of MSI’s upcoming B760 Tomahawk motherboard. This is the first motherboard that we’ve seen packing Intel’s newly announced B760 chipset. MSI is coming out with a new lineup of B760 motherboards that have the features to support Intel’s 13th generation non-K CPUs. The new motherboards will appear with a new set of features that will have the best power delivery. 

The motherboard will have many options to choose from, including DDR4 and DDR5. The ATX Tomahawk, mATX Mortar, and mITX Edge motherboard designs come with brand new features and a slight refresh on existing designs, so let’s get straight into the details. When we came to MSI’s MAG B760 Tomahawk, the folks at Videocardz managed to provide further proof that a release is just around the corner.

This motherboard is similar to its B660 predecessor, which has the same ATX features, form factor, and design language, and also seems to have the same storage options and PCIe slots, Which confirms previously circulating rumors that the B760 won’t be much of an upgrade over the previous B660. There are not too many specifications available, but some of these we can tell you: this is a standard ATX board that has a pair of PCI Express x16 slots, one of which is strengthened. 

And moreover, it has three M.2 slots hidden underneath heat shields.”Lightning Gen5″ is mentioned on the retail box, so it’s not wrong to assume that at least one of them supports PCIe 5.0 solid state drives. and the other features are that it has four DIMM slots, adds fairly robust I/O with onboard Wi-Fi and 2.5G LAN ports, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, and USB connectivity including a USB Type-C port.

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