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First HDR10+ PC Game Arrives With ‘Automatic HDR’ Mode

Samsung and game developer Nexon have joined forces in a pioneering collaboration to introduce the...

First HDR10+ PC Game Arrives With ‘Automatic HDR’ Mode

Samsung and game developer Nexon have joined forces in a pioneering collaboration to introduce the inaugural HDR10+ gaming encounter to Windows PC enthusiasts. The game titled “The First Descendant,” developed by Nexon, will be presented as a free-to-play (F2P) release. The open beta version is slated for download starting September 19. Detailed insights into the Samsung-Nexon HDR10+ collaboration will be unveiled at Gamescom, set to commence this week.

Samsung’s statement doesn’t explicitly outline the platforms that will feature HDR10 Plus Gaming support for the game. However, it’s reasonable to infer that the support will be geared toward PCs, as neither Sony nor Microsoft has communicated plans to incorporate this new HDR format into their respective console systems. Notably, Nvidia disclosed its intent to integrate HDR10 Plus Gaming compatibility with its RTX and 16-series graphics cards in November 2022, particularly for PC users.

The fusion of HDR10+ technology with PC gaming introduces a new level of immersion, elevating the graphics to a realm of lifelike vibrancy. The ‘Automatic HDR’ mode takes center stage, seamlessly adapting visuals in real-time, enhancing color, contrast, and overall visual fidelity. Other advantages include:

  • Enriched color, contrast, and brightness
  • Heightened precision in depicting intricate nuances within dark shadows and bright highlights
  • The convenience of automatic configuration to spare users the complexity of manual adjustments.
  • This technology combines gaming performance features like low latency and variable refresh rate support, ensuring a consistent and dependable HDR gaming experience across all HDR10+ Gaming displays.

Embracing HDR10+ experiences necessitate compatible hardware and games which support it to enjoy HDR10+ experiences. On the PC front, this involves an HDR10+ Gaming monitor from Samsung’s Odyssey 7 series and beyond. Additionally, a graphics card equipped with an HDR10+ enabling driver is requisite; Nvidia GeForce users gained access to HDR10+ Gaming support last November.

HDR10 Plus has established its presence over recent years, emerging as a noteworthy open and royalty-free rival to the Dolby Vision HDR standard. Both standards present distinct advantages over the conventional HDR10 format, notably incorporating dynamic metadata to deliver enhanced color accuracy and superior highlight-shadow intricacies on compatible screens.

Xbox consoles already support using the Dolby Vision standard with games, though when HDTVTest’s Vincent Teoh examined the feature in 2021 he found its advantages over standard HDR10 at the time were negligible.

Anticipation is building for initial feedback on HDR10+ and its integration with “The First Descendant” both during Gamescom and the open beta phase. As is often the case with monitor technologies, firsthand experience remains crucial to fully grasp and appreciate their advantages.