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ASUS ROG Ally Featuring Ryzen Z1 Opens Pre-orders for $599

ASUS ROG Ally Featuring Ryzen Z1 Opens Pre-orders for $599

In a move set to ignite the handheld gaming market, ASUS has unveiled the latest addition to their ROG Ally lineup. The eagerly anticipated model, powered by a Ryzen Z1 non-extreme processor, is now available for pre-orders at an attractive price point of $599.

This release comes on the heels of the 20th-anniversary celebrations of Steam, during which the gaming industry giant announced temporary price reductions for its Steam Deck consoles. ASUS, keen on keeping pace with this trend, has introduced a more affordable variant of its handheld console, aligning with the needs of budget-conscious gamers.

The Ryzen Z1 ASUS ROG Ally promises to be a formidable contender to Valve’s Steam Deck, offering competitive features at an accessible price. Available for pre-order through select retailers and regions, enthusiasts can reserve their unit at either Best Buy or directly from ASUS.

One of the key distinctions in this release is ASUS’ strategic approach to affordability. While some competing models compromise on storage space or display features, the ROG Ally achieves cost-effectiveness by incorporating a standard AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, which, while slightly less powerful than the Z1 Extreme found in the higher-tier model, still promises a robust gaming experience.

Noteworthy is the fact that the budget-friendly ROG Ally maintains parity with its more powerful sibling in terms of hardware and capabilities. It boasts a stunning 7-inch 120Hz 1080p IPS display, ensuring an immersive visual experience. Moreover, with ample 512GB of SSD storage, users can confidently store their favorite titles without worry.

For those seeking an extra boost in performance, the ROG Ally remains compatible with the ROG XG Mobile external GPU, providing an avenue for further customization and optimization.

The release of the ASUS ROG Ally comes at a time of dynamic evolution in the handheld gaming industry. Since the debut of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the market has witnessed a rapid influx of innovation and competition. ASUS, with its newest offering, aims to carve a distinctive space in this thriving landscape.

Looking ahead, anticipation is building for Nintendo’s anticipated release in the second half of 2024, promising yet another leap in hardware excellence for the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

Enthusiasts and gamers alike are encouraged to seize this opportunity and secure their pre-orders for the ASUS ROG Ally, set to redefine the handheld gaming experience. With its enticing price point and robust features, it stands poised to make a resounding impact in the gaming community.

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