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Meteor Lake laptop chip performs like Ryzen 7 desktop PC chip in leaked benchmark

In a recent leak on Weibo, a user has uncovered impressive performance details about Intel's...

Meteor Lake laptop chip performs like Ryzen 7 desktop PC chip in leaked benchmark

In a recent leak on Weibo, a user has uncovered impressive performance details about Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake laptop chip, specifically the Core Ultra 9 185H. The leaked benchmarks suggest that this next-generation 16-core processor boasts a performance level comparable to AMD’s Ryzen 7 desktop PC chip, operating at an impressive 5.1 GHz with a power-efficient 45W thermal design power (TDP).

The leak provides a sneak peek into the capabilities of the highly anticipated Meteor Lake architecture, which is set to be officially announced by Intel on December 14. The Weibo user, known for sharing hardware-related leaks, posted detailed information, including CPU-Z screenshots and internal images of what is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy Book 4, showcasing the prowess of the Core Ultra 9 185H.

One notable aspect of the leak is the clock speed of the Meteor Lake chip. Running at 5.1 GHz, this processor challenges the conventional belief that high clock speeds are exclusive to desktop processors. The leak also sheds light on the power efficiency of the chip, with a 45W TDP, aligning with Intel’s H-class chips’ standard. This suggests that the Core Ultra 9 185H aims to deliver desktop-like performance while maintaining a level of power efficiency suitable for laptop form factors.

While the leak lacks comprehensive benchmarking data due to the leaker’s admitted reluctance to run benchmarks, a CPU-Z benchmark result was shared. The performance, roughly on par with AMD’s Ryzen 7 7700X, hints at the chip’s capability to handle demanding tasks and applications. However, caution is advised in drawing conclusive judgments based on a single benchmark, especially considering CPU-Z’s built-in test may not provide a complete performance picture.

The leaked information also provides insights into the internal layout of the Galaxy Book 4, reinforcing the speculation that this laptop will be equipped with the Core Ultra 9 185H. The similarities between the leaked laptop and the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra include the PCB color scheme, M.2 slot, and USB port placement, and even cable routing. If these details hold, it suggests that Samsung’s upcoming laptop will not only boast a powerful processor but also maintain consistency in design elements with its predecessor.

The leak further reveals that the Galaxy Book 4 will feature Nvidia’s RTX 4070, a potent graphics card, and an improved vapor chamber cooler for efficient thermal management. Additionally, the laptop is expected to support Power Delivery 3.1 charging, utilizing a 140-watt charger. The port configuration remains consistent with the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, featuring HDMI, Micro SD, 3.5mm audio, a USB Type-A port, and two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Notably, the CPU-Z screenshot exposes key details about the Core Ultra 9 185H, indicating a C0 stepping. In the context of chip development, C0 denotes version 3.0, suggesting a somewhat extended development process for Meteor Lake. Drawing parallels with Intel’s previous Alder Lake CPUs, which also had a C0 stepping, there are indications of similarities and challenges in the development of both architectures.

With Intel’s official announcement of Meteor Lake just around the corner, the leaked information has stirred anticipation among tech enthusiasts. The prospect of a laptop chip rivaling desktop performance, combined with power efficiency, marks an exciting development in the world of mobile computing. As technology enthusiasts await the official details from Intel, the leaked benchmarks offer a tantalizing glimpse into the capabilities of the next-gen Core Ultra 9 185H chip.

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