Affordable Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti leaks and tackles the speed of RTX 3070

Affordable Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti leaks and tackles the speed of RTX 3070

When it comes to this Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, this flexed its muscles in the leak. After listening to it, it seems that this graphics card is extremely reliable and delivers a very affordable ampere GPU. So after knowing this thing, it is natural to keep in mind that this graphics card is just a rumor.

So despite all these vast rumors coming out, we need to take the benchmark leak. But on the other hand, when it comes to 3D mark results, they are incredibly eye-opening. Let’s talk about some points:

  • Especially when it comes to Nvidia RTX XX60 Ti, it is considered one of the best graphics cards for competitive gaming of all time.
  • You can play all the best AAA PC games on an optimum resolution of 1440p
  • The RTX 3060 Ti will be an ideal choice for mid-tier gaming.

As shown by the video card, the 3060 Ti has a score of 30,706 in the 3D Mark Fire Strike, which is an excellent score. On the other hand, within Time Spy, he got a result of 12175. Surprisingly when compared to this graphics card, it is considered closer to RTX 3070. When it comes to RTX 3070, it has been 11 percent and 13 percent better, respectively. As the tech site has said, the 3060 Ti edition, which is a little unwieldy, can close the gap even more in this news.

Therefore, it has been reported that this graphic card, which is RTX 3070 TI, can be expected to launch in retail at a lower price in early December, following the rumors. On the other hand, the graphics card used, RTX 3070, was priced at 499$. So despite all the rumors, it can be expected that the release RTX 3060 Ti graphic card will launch in early December for 400$.

Regarding Nvidia’s, its perceived internal standards have already shown the upcoming RTX 3060 Ti to be the last generation RTX 2080 Super. Furthermore, these 3D Marks scores are more vital than that, after which the standards are 5% lower. Within the RTX 3060 Ti graphics card competition, you also have to keep in mind that when launching the RTX 2080 Super, you were demanding 699$ out of your wallet. The graphics card of the first series has taken more charge than you, but you will have to spend less than that with this latest card.

Making a Circumstance

As you know, after getting an RTX 3060 Ti graphic card, which comes under 400$, you will feel that it is a cheap graphic card. So you don’t have to worry about it as it is included in the list of modern graphic cards, and in terms of price and performance, it looks like RTX 3060 TI graphic card can make a serious case for itself. So many of these issues seem to be in serious competition.

More news is coming out: it is holding stock issues, and no new or graphic card, including AMD card or NVidia, can be bought. Therefore, according to various rumors and predictions, this graphics card’s launch has been predicted, so the second question is whether it will launch on December 2 and whether it is? And another question arises as to whether its stock is going to be washed out.

Nvidia says its inventory problems, in particular, will continue until at least 2021, and that may be true. And more predictions are being made that this will not be possible until February when it will be easier to deliver this RTX 3060 Ti graphics card.


Meanwhile, Everyone is pursuing the latest entries in the RTX series; The stock is limited or somewhere expensive to avail. In the end, keeping in mind all these expectations and predictions, the RTX 3060 Ti graphics card will be launched in December. It plays a role in making you the best and beating your old series in every way in price and performance. But despite launching in December, they say that it will not be possible to make it readily available in the market until February due to some stock issues.

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