Meta Quest 2 Latest Rumors is getting a $100 price hike

Meta Quest 2 Latest Rumors is getting a $100 price hike

VR was starting to make improvements in the mainstream, there is a question raised that was when would it finally be a real user’s product? The Meta Quest 2 is a revolutionary stand-alone VR headset, meaning all the technology you need is built right into this nifty gadget – no cables or PC connections are required. All you need is a mobile device and a Facebook account to help you get set up. In the virtual world, users can do virtually anything, from work to visiting the local bar and hanging out with friends. At the time of the pandemic, social distancing, and lockdown prevented people from gathering in groups.

 Many have experienced isolation, anxiety, and feeling depressed about the situation. A fully functional meta version would give people a chance to communicate with other people in a safe environment with zero risk of contagion. The more realistic the experience, the more users will be drawn into this ecosystem, which offers the bonus of not having to leave the user’s home to meet others. The new and updated version of the standalone VR headset improves or expands on the things we loved about every original product.

 Now we’re talking about the rumors Meta revealed in a tweet that the company plans to raise the price of the 128GB model to $399 and the 256GB model to $499 starting August 1st. That means you have less than a week to try it out. and grab Quest 2 at the original price. The reason behind the hike is the Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) headsets were priced to drive adoption in the emerging VR market, and Meta (formerly Facebook) was likely selling them at a significant loss. 

The price increase seems more likely to slow down sales than “drive the VR industry forward,” but I think Meta’s collapsing stock price in 2022 plays a role in the decision. You usually see hardware get cheaper in the years after launch – if not, prices at least remain static. However, the meta goes in the opposite direction. Quest 2 is a wildly successful virtual reality platformer, having sold 14.8 million units worldwide as of earlier this month — but it’s not making as much money as Meta would like.

The rumor tweet cites “investment in moving the VR industry forward for the long term” as the reason for the price increase. To overcome this loss, the company plans to give away for a limited time download codes for Beat Saber.

We can say that this is good news for Sony, which recently showed off several new features that will be included in the PSVR 2. The transparent view will allow players to see outside of their headsets thanks to multiple cameras on the front, and players will even be able to customize their play areas in the game. We don’t know the price of the PSVR2 yet, but Sony will undoubtedly be pleased that its competition is raising prices.

The Meta-analysis reports that productivity, gaming fitness, and beyond, VR is becoming popular day by day as it positively affects the ways we used to work, play and connect. The users of the new technology lovers spent more than $1 billion on the latest apps of Meta Quest, Which will lead to an increase in the business of developers’ which also leads to an increase in delivering the games and experiences that make VR great. Antitrust regulators could accuse Meta of purposefully subsidizing its headsets long enough to squeeze out competitors who simply couldn’t afford to match its price, then raising the price after it became dominant.

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