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AMD: New Enthusiast-Class RDNA 3 GPUs Coming in Q3

In recent times, speculations about AMD's upcoming launch of RDNA 3 graphics cards in September...

AMD: New Enthusiast-Class RDNA 3 GPUs Coming in Q3

In recent times, speculations about AMD’s upcoming launch of RDNA 3 graphics cards in September 2023, including the Radeon RX 7800 and Radeon RX 7700, have been gaining momentum. The reports suggest that these new GPUs might be unveiled at the prominent Gamescom event in Germany later this month, followed by a subsequent release shortly thereafter.

During a recent quarterly earnings call, Lisa Su made remarks alluding to the imminent arrival of new graphics cards. While specific details and dates were not disclosed during the call, the confirmation of upcoming releases has sparked anticipation among gaming enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike.

Lisa Su said,

“In gaming graphics, we expanded our Radeon 7000 GPU

series in the second quarter, with the launch

of our mainstream RX 7600 cards pertaining to gaming.

We’re on track to further expand our RDNA 3 GPU

offerings with the launch of new enthusiast class

Radeon 7000-series cards in the third quarter.”

With a legacy of innovation behind them, AMD has made significant strides in the GPU market over the years. Building on the success of their RDNA and RDNA 2 architectures, the company has crafted the RDNA 3 GPUs to elevate gaming experiences to new heights. The focus remains on delivering blistering performance, jaw-dropping visuals, and next-gen features that will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts.

The RDNA 3 series is powered by the advanced 5nm process node, which allows for a more power-efficient and performance-oriented design. This technological leap ensures that gamers can experience graphics-intensive titles with ease, without sacrificing power consumption.

One of the most exciting additions to the RDNA 3 lineup is the significant enhancements in ray tracing capabilities. Real-time ray tracing, which simulates the way light interacts with objects in a scene, has been a game-changer in modern gaming visuals. AMD’s RDNA 3 GPUs promise to take this to the next level, delivering an unprecedented level of realism and immersion to virtual worlds.

In terms of raw performance, the RDNA 3 GPUs are expected to be a force to be reckoned with. Gamers can look forward to smoother gameplay, higher frame rates, and seamless support for high-resolution displays, ensuring a truly captivating gaming experience.

AMD also aims to tackle the demand for upscaling lower-resolution visuals to higher resolutions without compromising performance. Their FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology is set to rival NVIDIA’s DLSS, offering gamers a viable solution for enhanced image quality without sacrificing FPS.

The RDNA 3 GPUs are poised to reignite the fierce competition between AMD and NVIDIA, the two leading GPU manufacturers. As gamers eagerly await the release of the RDNA 3 series, industry experts predict that the competition will drive both companies to push the boundaries of innovation, resulting in even more impressive technological advancements for consumers.

While specific release dates and pricing details were not provided during the announcement, AMD confirmed that the RDNA 3 GPUs are slated to hit the market in the third quarter of this year. Gamers and tech enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates from the company and their authorized retailers.

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