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How much storage for a gaming PC? Guide 2024

Video games of the modern day are expanding at a dizzying rate, continually enhancing their...

How much storage for a gaming PC? Guide 2024

Video games of the modern day are expanding at a dizzying rate, continually enhancing their features and resolution to provide the smoothest gameplay and most realistic visuals. As a result of these features’ enormous storage requirements, disc space is essential for gaming. Many players desire future-proofing to prepare for the advancements in gaming technology. Some people wish to start small and on a tight budget. For quite some time, video games have been evolving, and the sizes of the games also very quickly.

Fortunately, as gaming consoles and PCs get more powerful, they can support greater resolutions and more intricate visuals. All of these benefits come at the expense of expanding game installation size. One of the most pressing worries for every gaming enthusiast is PC storage. Many gaming enthusiasts wonder how much storage for a gaming PC is best for them. So, don’t worry since we’re here to get your back. Our team has spent hours searching this topic for your ease and finding a suitable size.

What determines storage capacity?

It’s a personal choice to determine how much storage space a gaming computer needs. You should consider your gaming interests and routines along with your money. The following are the main factors you need to think about: 

  • Your budget: Your budget is the most crucial consideration when choosing suitable storage for your gaming PC. You don’t have to break the bank while purchasing an appropriate storage size. 
  • Games you want to play: the amount of storage you require may vary depending on the type of gamer you are and the titles you play on your computer. You can work out with a lesser size if you play lighter games and vice versa. 
  • PC caliber: what gaming system you use is also an important aspect. It plays a direct role while choosing the ideal storage size to play games and do the rest of the tasks without any issues—keep this factor in your mind. 

How much storage space do modern games take up?

The storage space you need for modern games is when they are loaded on your computer. Many current blockbuster games can consume up to 50 GB of space each, and some can even use up hundreds of gigabytes. You surely don’t want to continuously reinstall games to manage your disc space if you frequently flip between them. On the other hand, curating your installed games might be an alternative for those looking to save some money if you just play a few games.

How much storage for a gaming PC?

Most gamers think 1 TB is sufficient for at least ten games, which is true in most situations. But you can also go for a 2TB HDD if you’re a high-end user and wish to be future-proof. Because SSDs are quicker than hard drives, you could also install a second 500GB SSD to store your desktop and frequently played games. Your gaming habits and the number of games you play will determine how much storage a gaming PC needs in your particular scenario. You’ll require a considerably larger disc if you prefer to install games.

Is 500GB enough storage for a gaming computer? 

After accounting for your OS install, you have about 480GB of total storage, with Windows 10 typically using up to roughly 20GB, depending on the version on your SSD. According to estimates, the average triple-A game will be 25–60 GB in size by 2022. This is supported by listings for games like Elden Ring and Dying Light 2: Stay Human, both of which have 60GB total install sizes. About 120GB of available capacity (or 25%) is taken up by two games.

This leads us to assume that 500GB is sufficient to keep a large number of large games at once, albeit this does not take other media or files into account. Of course, if you buy a gaming PC to participate in more recreational gaming activities or e-sports games (like Valorent, CS: GO, and Dota II), your overall system space will go a lot further. Not to mention the independent scene, where titles can range in size from a few hundred megabits to a few gigabytes.

Which is better, a 500GB HDD or an SSD? 

The storage type will be the significant cost-saving measure in this case because traditional hard drives often cost less and are consequently much slower than faster SATA and M.2 SSDs. As a general guideline, an SSD is better than a 500GB HDD, and we advise using an SSD to run your games because doing so will lead to quicker game loading times and better overall performance. Luckily, SSDs are no longer nearly as pricey as they previously were. You can also check the SSD size needed for gaming to understand the topic better. 

What if your gaming PC lacks sufficient storage space?

You can’t properly run a game if your gaming PC lacks sufficient storage space or doesn’t meet the minimal storage requirements of that particular game. If your PC barely reaches the minimum requirement, likely, you won’t have a smooth gaming experience. Some issues you could run into include unavailable content packages, Fallout 4 crashes, Rainbow Six Siege lag spikes, and more. You’d better satisfy the game’s recommended disc space requirement if you want to play it smoothly.


In conclusion, the amount of space required for a high-quality gaming experience and how to verify the hard drive storage were covered in this article. We also looked at ways to increase the space on your gaming machine. Knowing how much storage for a gaming PC will help you determine your gaming needs for the near future. The minimum suggested storage amount for gaming varies between 500GB to 1TB, but the upper limit depends upon your usage. When playing games, consider how much storage you have on your hard drive and how much time you spend each day in front of the computer.

This will determine how many additional games you can upload and whether you have to delete outdated files. Purchasing new games won’t be as enjoyable if your storage isn’t optimized. Why wouldn’t you have enough capacity to make it simple to download additional games and enjoy the experience if you could afford to invest this much in different games? Hopefully, you now understand the value of storage and the space required to play your favorite games comfortably. Continue to play new games and expand your storage space as much as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1TB enough storage for a gaming PC?

Suppose you’re a high-end gamer who wants the most out of the gaming experience. In such a case, 1TB storage is perfect for storing all types of current-era games. If you don’t have enough budget, you can work out with 512GB storage too.

Is 256GB enough for PC gaming?

A 256GB storage space is only enough if you want to install two or three games on your PC. But if you store many other data files on your computer and are a gaming enthusiast, I recommend you go for at least 512GB storage.

How much storage is overkill for gaming PC?

If you’re not using the whole storage or filling it up nearly to its limits, it’s considered overkill. But still, anything above 2TB storage capacity is more likely to be overkill if you’re not using it entirely.

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