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Best RAM Brands In 2024

It takes time to sort through thousands of models to find the finest RAM for...

Best RAM Brands In 2024

It takes time to sort through thousands of models to find the finest RAM for gaming. The best RAM brands of 2024 in the market are listed here briefly. The next thing you need to check for is the best ram speed. A high RAM clock speed enables it to increase frame rates and smooth out the gaming experience. The type of RAM card you choose to purchase is something else you should consider. DDR5 has just been introduced, and its pricing may be excessive. Both DDR4 and DDR3 variants are frequently offered for purchase.

Corsair Vengeance

Customer confidence in the Corsair Vengeance is widespread. It is unquestionably among the best RAMs to buy. This device has the capacity to be overclocked in terms of performance. Even though the SPD speed is limited to 2133 MHz, your drive will still function. The item has a low profile height, so it will fit into any cabinet you choose. This utility runs pretty consistently and offers respectable gaming speed. It also features a low-height, high-performance PCB and a great solid aluminum heat-spreader.

According to reviews, the Corsair Vengeance is a hardware device for hardware augmentation that includes a respectable gaming module. With the option of overclocked stability, you may play dynamic games with no lag at all. This product has an XMP 2.0 setting that allows installing the driver as quickly as possible. High-performance stability has the benefit of always giving off a strong signal for work. Corsair has been dominating the ram market for a while now, and its performance deserves that rank.

XPG Z1 Memory Modules

The next brand on our list is XPG Z1. The revised model and newly designed XPG Z1 Memory Modules offer improved performance. This gadget has an aluminum heat spreader in addition to a bespoke PCB. Because of this process, the RAM can stay cool for a long time and provide multi-tasking ability. The Xtreme performance capability of each IC in the XPG Z1 Memory Modules is the best feature since it will help you achieve the best outcomes.

The XPG Z1 Memory Modules are said to have minimal power consumption. It can therefore perform more quickly than models from earlier generations. It also supports higher frequencies, which makes this item a fantastic alternative to buy. The reason why the majority of individuals prefer this RAM is that a beautiful system can effortlessly employ it. You can always overclock your computer faster without risk, as the low-power consumption feature allow you to use it safely.


Most motherboards from Intel and AMD are compatible with OLOy DDR4 RAM. Most gamers prefer it because it is one of the most extensively used gadgets. The OLOy DDR4 RAM has a 3000 MHz memory clock speed since the XMP 2.0 support believes it may support many files and programs operating on your PC. Most customers claim that the OLOy DDR4 RAM has a respectable 16GB of memory space. Two slots with an 8 GB capacity each are included with this gadget. It also works wonders for gamers.

HyperX Fury Black XMP Memory

The memory module HyperX Fury Black XMP Memory has a quick clock rate. Up to 3466 MHz can be easily reached by the boost clock speed. So, even if you multitask while playing games, this device will still function as intended. You will experience improved CPU performance thanks to the heat spreader design. You won’t need to worry too much about your CPU’s temperature rising. The is perfect for first-person shooter games and also includes fast speeds with a low-profile heat spreader design.

Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine

With its incredible performance and fast speed, the Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine is perfect for playing your favorite games. Because the body is entirely comprised of aluminum, the heatsink is much reduced. An additional advantage of the product is the choice of Intel Coffee Lake Processors. Without any lag, it can support high-speed cache memory. The excellent manufacturer support makes this RAM a fantastic product. It also comes with the latest 3d NAND Technology equipped.

PNY XLR8 Epic-X Memory

The PNY XLR8 Epic-X Memory is a dependable device for your gaming needs. It operates at a frequency of 3200MHZ and is also backward compatible. Many PC enthusiasts and gamers worldwide will be interested in possessing PNY XLR8 Epic-X Memory. Aside from that, the product includes an innovative heat spreader to keep the CPU cool. This module is perfect for overclocking and offers features of gigabyte RGB fusion and  Intel XMP 2.0 support.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan

The TUF Gaming Alliance certification makes the TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan a popular choice among gamers. It can operate with a minimal voltage need, saving you electricity when playing games. The product can stay cool and active thanks to an aluminum-forged heat spreader. As a result, it can always increase its radiating performance. It also has a High-quality aluminum forged heat spreader and a great smart overclocking technology that is unique to this brand

Crucial Ballistix Memory Kit

The Crucial Ballistix Memory Kit includes the most recent AMD and Intel support, allowing you to set up your RAM to work with any motherboard. The product features a high-quality Micron die, making this RAM arrangement appealing to use. It is made by a trusted company, which permits the product to be outstanding. Consumer support is excellent and ideal for many folks. This module supports AMD and intel and also offers automatic overclocking protection making it perfect for overclocking.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

The G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series includes a set of hand-screened memory ICs designed to boost performance. It also supports 10-layer PCBs, making the module far more appealing to customers. In terms of performance, the device features a 3600 MHz memory speed, which is ideal for gaming. Even though it is a good choice for AMD processors, the device also works well with Intel processors. This module is best suited for AMD ryzen processors, and its slick and modern design makes it one of a kind.

Kingston Technology HyperX Impact

The Kingston Technology HyperX Impact operates at a low voltage, which keeps the product cooler. It also does not generate much heat, allowing you to have a relaxing gaming experience. The form factor is modest, but it has a standard design. As a result, you may have a fantastic gaming experience. Another nice feature is the automatic overclocking support of up to 2133 MHz. It has a plug-and-play functionality with a low voltage setting as far as 1.35V.


So, to sum up the best ram brands in 2022, this is our verdict. Having the best RAM for gaming will always help you reduce lag time and have an incredible experience when playing online multiplayer games. Even if you intend to use a laptop or a desktop computer for gaming, having adequate RAM is always recommended. In fact, such devices allow you to play games and download large amounts of software and multitasking. We discovered that the Corsair Vengeance LPX is the finest DDR4 RAM for gaming currently available. Although you could opt for Kingston for a more budget price.

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