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Windows Copilot is not playing well with AMD’s Adrenalin software

Windows Copilot is not playing well with AMD’s Adrenalin software

In a recent development, it has come to light that Windows 11’s Copilot feature is causing compatibility issues with AMD’s Adrenalin software. Users have reported a frustrating experience wherein their settings within the Adrenalin Driver’s control panel are being reset to default upon reboot.

This issue was initially brought to attention on AMD’s Community forums, where a number of users voiced their concerns about the Adrenalin control panel settings resetting automatically after a system restart. The recurrence of similar complaints suggests that this problem is not isolated, potentially affecting a significant user base.

The root cause of this disruption has been attributed to the Windows 11 KB5030310 cumulative update. Despite the widespread impact, neither AMD nor Microsoft has issued an official response or fix for the issue as of yet.

While this “resetting” issue may not affect all users, it demands immediate attention and resolution. Although it does not impair the core functionality of the driver, it proves to be an inconvenience for users who have meticulously fine-tuned their settings to their specific preferences.

A user on the AMD forums has proposed a temporary workaround involving the use of a tool called “vivetool” which disables Windows Copilot, identified as the underlying cause of the problem. However, caution is advised for users considering this solution, as it entails a complex process and may result in unintended consequences if not executed correctly.

Windows Copilot

For those encountering this problem, it is recommended to exercise patience and await an official software update from AMD, which is anticipated to be released in the near future. This update is anticipated to provide a definitive solution to the compatibility issues between Windows Copilot and AMD’s Adrenalin software, ensuring a seamless user experience for affected individuals.

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