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Starfield Reportedly Accumulated Over 2 Million Players During Early Access

Starfield Reportedly Accumulated Over 2 Million Players During Early Access

Starfield has been highly anticipated for years, drawing players into its immersive RPG. It has garnered a global fan base, continuously soaring in popularity. Now in a remarkable feat, Starfield has surged past the two million player mark during its early access phase, as reported by PlayerTracker today. This significant milestone is a testament to the game’s immense popularity, drawing in a dedicated community of players eager to explore its expansive universe.

Exclusive to premium edition owners, who were granted access five days ahead of the official release, Starfield has quickly become Steam’s sixth most-played game, demonstrating its wide-reaching appeal. At its peak, the game boasted an impressive concurrent player count of nearly 250,000, surpassing even established titles like Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and FromSoftware’s latest release, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

While the game’s Metacritic score has experienced fluctuations in the high 80s, it has generally received favorable reviews from both players and critics alike. However, certain notable outlets have voiced criticisms, labeling some aspects as “pointless filler” and expressing dissatisfaction with the game’s limited exploration. Bethesda’s initial marketing campaign emphasized Starfield as a game offering “unparalleled freedom,” which set high expectations for many players.

As the community eagerly anticipates the game’s official launch, comprehensive player reviews are yet to be unveiled. Nevertheless, the aggregated score on Metacritic suggests a promising start for Starfield, hinting at a game that is making a strong first impression.

One indicator of Starfield’s success lies in the substantial number of active players during the early access phase. Despite facing some criticism and unmet expectations, the game appears to hold significant promise.

Bethesda’s executive, Pete Hines, shed light on the game’s depth, stating that it “doesn’t even get going” until the main story is completed. Hines also revealed that he personally invested over 160 hours in a single playthrough of Starfield and was still far from finishing. This insight suggests that it may take some time before genuine player reviews emerge. Excitement is reaching its peak as the clock ticks down to Starfield’s official launch. For a detailed exploration of Bethesda’s latest blockbuster title and its extensive content, be sure to check out our comprehensive review. Starfield is set to redefine the RPG genre, offering players a truly immersive experience in a captivating new universe.

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