Its Official Now Seagate is Available in Pakistan

Its Official Now Seagate is Available in Pakistan

Seagate makes some pretty slick external HDs, and the Portable is no exception. It offers a lot of storage at a very low price and is now officially available in Pakistan as well, but its slow transfer speeds might make you look elsewhere. The official website of Seagate declares in Pakistan is among the nations where local availability is available. When you select Pakistan, the previously listed local distributors and dealers in the country will be displayed. 

As everyone knows, Seagate is an American data storage company that was first established in 1978 as Shugart Technology. Today, the brand is known for its hard disk drives (HDD) and SSD, both internal and external. We are talking about Seagate which now has official dealers and distributors in Pakistan including Daraz, ICT Traders, and DigiStor. These are the best online stores where you can buy Seagate devices as per your requirements at a very reasonable price. So it’s big news for those users who prefer this hard drive for their use and spent lots of money to import this device.

Seagate portable hard drives are inexpensive, feature-packed, and easy to get up and running. They are cheap, but you trade a few bucks for performance. Although miles away from the G-Technology G-Drive (read our G-Technology G-Drive review), Seagate isn’t far behind Toshiba and Western Digital. It doesn’t mean you have a small business or a business on a large scale the external storage devices are the ideal solution for your backup needs. And with the digital explosion of movies, films, personal photos, games, and apps, external storage is more important than ever.

You must be wondering that you know Seagate offer up to a five-year warranty on their solutions of storage, which comes in a proper easy should one fail to roll out; however, keep in mind that no hard drive brands provide a data recovery facility in the event of a hard drive failure. So we can hope that these services will be applicable in this region as well.

Some Factors to be considered while buying this Hard Drive

While buying the hard drive of Seagate you must know all the factors which will lead you to select the best one for your Pc which is as follows:

Connectivity of Drive

The first factor to be in mind is that the three main connections on the market for modern hard drives are USB, e-SATA, and Firewire. The latest technology covers the connectivity with the late 3.0, and 2.0 USB connections. eSATA is the modern and the latest one in town and offers better performance and consumes fewer resources than USB. For content creation, we recommend you guys the Firewire hard drive, which we can say is the best in business with regards to performance among the three, as well as excellent compatibility with the Mac environment.


When comparing internal and external hard drives, external hard drives are expensive as compared with their internal counterparts, and your allocated budget will help you decide whether you should go for a desktop solution or a more portable one. You can easily compare your budget while exploring the stores which we mentioned earlier allowing you to find which one is good for you.


Software is often the main differentiator between the various external hard drive solutions on the market in Pakistan stores. Some applications offer automatic file uploads to dedicated websites, rollback systems, and on-the-fly file encryption. A great software package can offset mediocre performance and improve the overall user experience, especially when dealing with something like a backup.

Speed of Drive

Storage devices using desktop-based components are likely to be the fastest, but only if coupled with an equally powerful interface; for even faster performance, some manufacturers like LaCie even allow two hard drives to be configured in RAID-0 mode, which should significantly increase performance. A 7200rpm hard drive is smartly faster while comparing to a 5400 RPM hard drive. In the case of the external drives, which will allow you to notice the difference between the two rotational speeds. The same goes for internal drives, especially for smaller files. When we come to the speed of 7,200 RPM hard drive with many numbers of files and applications with great performance.


Security always matters when we talk about memory and data storage, which is a critical fact of data storage. So your hard drive security technology must have a good security system platform. Seagate has a welcome “encrypt-on-the-fly” feature that should protect your files from prying eyes.

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