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OneXPlayer Unveils an Enormous 11-Inch Intel Core Ultra Gaming PC

In a bold move that challenges the reigning dominance of AMD in the handheld PC...

OneXPlayer Unveils an Enormous 11-Inch Intel Core Ultra Gaming PC

In a bold move that challenges the reigning dominance of AMD in the handheld PC market, OneXPlayer has officially revealed its latest creation: the OneXPlayer X1. Breaking away from the conventional norms of portable gaming devices, the X1 is an unusually large 11-inch powerhouse equipped with Intel’s latest Core Ultra chip.

The handheld gaming landscape is no stranger to innovation, and the OneXPlayer X1 makes a grand entrance with its distinctive size and formidable specifications. Positioned as the inaugural Intel Core Ultra handheld gaming PC, the X1 promises an immersive gaming experience coupled with versatility.

While it may initially appear as a tablet, OneXPlayer asserts that the X1 is a 3-in-1 design, adding an element of mystery to its functionality. A teaser video offers glimpses of a design reminiscent of the OneXPlayer 2 Pro, a compact 8.4-inch device featuring Switch-style controllers and support for a magnetic keyboard, transforming it into a mini-laptop. This hints at the X1’s potential roles as a tablet, notebook, and handheld gaming PC.

Despite the intrigue surrounding the X1, the official press release leaves many details to the imagination. Notably absent are specifics about the Intel Core Ultra chip, leaving enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly awaiting further information about its capabilities. Questions linger about RAM, storage options, and connectivity features, areas where other OneXPlayer models have traditionally excelled.

The display, however, offers a bit more clarity. With a sizable 10.95-inch screen boasting a 2.5K resolution (presumably 2560 x 1600), the X1 delivers a visually impressive experience. A maximum refresh rate of 120Hz adds to the appeal, although the screen type (IPS or OLED) remains undisclosed.

OneXPlayer has not skimped on audio, claiming that the twin speakers are meticulously tuned by engineers proficient in Harman AudioEFX technology. While the practical implications of this tuning are yet to be fully understood, the assurance of a high-quality audio experience accompanies the device.

Speculations arise regarding the internal hardware, with a possible association with the Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, known for its dynamic TDP, Turbo power capabilities up to 115W, and gaming performance comparable to the Ryzen 7 7840U. Anticipated memory configurations include 16GB or 32GB of LPDDR5, aligning with Intel’s specifications for optimal performance.

Storage is expected to be robust, featuring an NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD, likely starting at 512GB with options to expand to 1TB or more. The inclusion of controllers remains uncertain, posing the question of whether they will be bundled or offered separately, akin to a keyboard.

As anticipation builds for the official launch in January 2024, critical aspects such as pricing, battery capacity, and connectivity options remain undisclosed. The OneXPlayer X1 has the potential to redefine portable gaming, provided it strikes the right balance between performance, convenience, and affordability. Gaming enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike eagerly await the unveiling of this 11-inch gaming beast.

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