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Nvidia’s Enigmatic ‘Rubin’: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Future in Graphics Technology

In the secretive world of computer graphics, there's a lot of talk about Nvidia's upcoming...

Nvidia’s Enigmatic ‘Rubin’: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Future in Graphics Technology

In the secretive world of computer graphics, there’s a lot of talk about Nvidia’s upcoming new GPUs. They’re keeping it mysterious by calling it ‘Rubin,’ and it’s making waves in the tech community. People are getting excited, like it’s the start of a big tech change.

This interesting rumor comes from kopite7kimi, who is known for finding out industry secrets. In the world where they create computer parts, kopite7kimi has been right a lot in the past.

Looking into the future, kopite7kimi is telling us that Nvidia is getting ready to make a big change in how they release their products. The Rubin GPUs, hidden in mystery, are supposedly made for things like artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). They’re planning to show off these cool new gadgets in 2025, promising a big improvement in how graphics are done.

The Rubin GPU family is said to have two types: the R100 and the GR200. The R100 is supposed to be the first one, designed to handle big jobs like AI and HPC. The GR200 is like a newer version of the Rubin GPU we’ve seen before, showing that Nvidia is always trying to make things better.

Even though everyone is excited, we still don’t know all the details about these new GPUs. It’s like trying to predict the secrets of the universe, and tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to find out what makes the Rubin GPUs special.

Another mysterious thing is who Nvidia will work with to make these GPUs. Will they stick with their usual partner TSMC, or will they team up with Intel or Samsung? It’s like choosing the right ingredients for a magical potion.

Nvidia’s plan, like a well-choreographed dance, shows they want to update their big GPUs for AI and HPC every year. They’ll introduce the Blackwell products in 2024, setting the stage for the big reveal of the Rubin GPUs in 2025. But, we’re not sure if they’ll also speed up updates for their regular GPUs.

While everyone expects the Blackwell GPUs to rule the graphics card market in 2024 and 2025, there’s uncertainty about whether the Rubin architecture will be available for regular consumers. It’s a bit like wondering if something special will be available for everyone or just kept as a secret.

The Rubin architecture is unique because it’s the first time Nvidia named a GPU after an astronomer—Vera Rubin. She did important work in the 1960s and 1970s, helping us understand how galaxies spin and discovering dark matter.

As the tech world eagerly waits for confirmation from Nvidia, the excitement about the Rubin GPUs keeps growing. It’s like waiting for a big show to start, with promises of better AI and HPC capabilities. The audience is holding their breath for the grand reveal—stay tuned for more updates from the tech stage.

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