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Nvidia’s Next-Gen Blackwell GPUs Rumored to Use Multi-Chiplet Design

Nvidia’s Next-Gen Blackwell GPUs Rumored to Use Multi-Chiplet Design

Nvidia has not yet incorporated a multi-chiplet design for high-performance computer GPUs, Unlike its competitors AMD and Intel. However, indications suggest that the company may be poised to adopt this design approach with its forthcoming Blackwell generation of GPUs.

In a recent development, Nvidia’s highly anticipated Blackwell, are rumored to feature a revolutionary multi-chiplet design. This shift marks a significant departure from the current monolithic architecture seen in the Ada Lovelace and Hopper lineups.

The move towards a multi-chip module (MCM) design is aimed at overcoming the challenges posed by the large die sizes of Nvidia’s current high-end graphics cards. The GA100 and GH100 models, boasting die sizes of 826 mm² and 814 mm² respectively, have posed difficulties in achieving high yields. This is due in part to the proximity of their size to the maximum reticle limit of 858 mm².

Insider reports from sources like Kopite7kimi suggest that Nvidia is proactively addressing this issue by adopting MCM designs for the Blackwell architecture. The flagship Blackwell GB100 GPU, tailored for data centers, is expected to embrace this innovative approach. However, it is anticipated that consumer-grade cards such as the upcoming GeForce RTX 5090, based on the GB202 GPU, will stick with a monolithic design.

While this shift in design is a significant departure from Nvidia’s current strategy, the core specifications between the GB100 and GB202 models are projected to remain largely consistent. The adoption of an MCM design for the GB100 GPU is poised to grant Nvidia increased flexibility in catering to diverse client needs.

Despite these exciting developments, Nvidia has ample time to refine and finalize its next-generation products. Speculation has also surfaced regarding Nvidia’s exploration of a new 3nm manufacturing node from Samsung. However, opinions on this matter remain divided, with Kopite7kimi presenting a contrasting viewpoint.

Nvidia’s forthcoming Blackwell GPUs signal a substantial leap forward in GPU architecture, with the adoption of a chiplet design at the forefront of their strategy. This move underscores Nvidia’s commitment to advancing the realms of artificial intelligence and computing, setting the stage for an exciting new era in GPU technology.

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