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Nvidia H100 Q2 2023 Sales Exceeded 900 Tons GPUs Sold, Claims Report

Nvidia H100 Q2 2023 Sales Exceeded 900 Tons GPUs Sold, Claims Report

Nvidia’s investment in the AI market has once again yielded significant profits. Last month, reports surfaced indicating that the company enjoys a remarkable 1000% profit margin on each Nvidia H100 graphics card sold to AI market buyers. 

Building on this success, market research firm Omdia has claimed that Nvidia, the leading graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer, exceeded sales of 900 tons of its highly sought-after H100 GPUs in the second quarter of 2023. This estimate, though striking, has raised questions about the accuracy of the figures.

Omdia’s assessment provides a unique perspective on Nvidia’s performance in the AI accelerator market. According to the report, Nvidia purportedly shipped over 300,000 units of H100 GPUs during this period. Each H100 model is estimated to weigh approximately 3 kilograms, suggesting a monthly shipment rate of around 100,000 units.

However, it’s important to note that the actual weight of the graphics cards is lighter than the estimate provided by Omdia. For instance, the PCIe version of the H100 weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms, while the SXM variant is believed to be around 2 kilograms. This raises questions about the accuracy of the 900-ton estimate.

Nvidia, a key player in the tech industry, has consistently demonstrated strong performance in the AI market. The H100 model has played a significant role in bolstering the company’s quarterly figures, contributing to its ongoing success. The demand for the H100 GPU remains notably higher than its current supply, further emphasizing its popularity among consumers.

Omdia projects that if Nvidia can sustain this momentum, the company’s anticipated sales for this year could reach an estimated 3600 tons, equating to approximately 1.2 million H100 units.

While the reported figures indicate a substantial achievement for Nvidia, it’s essential to consider that the company also markets other models, such as the A800, A100, and A30 GPU and various Geforce graphics cards. These products contribute to Nvidia’s diverse portfolio and overall market presence.

Looking ahead, industry experts anticipate Nvidia’s H100 to continue to be a pivotal player in the company’s success story. With demand showing no signs of waning, it’s expected that Nvidia will maintain its impressive sales figures for this sought-after model in the coming quarters. This ongoing demand is likely to further cement Nvidia’s position as a dominant force in the GPU market.

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