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Nvidia Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Melting Graphics Card

Nvidia Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Melting Graphics Card

The famous graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is facing difficulties with its 12V HPWR connector on its latest GeForce RTX 4000 Series GPUs. because one of its users, whose connecter melted, has filed a class action lawsuit against the Nvidia company. He alleges that Nvidia is misleading consumers about the safety of the graphics cards and has violated other New York state laws.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed by Lucas Genova on November 11 in a US federal court in California, it claimed that Nvidia marketed a defective and dangerous combination of power cable plugs and sockets with the GeForce RTX 4090, which can damage users graphic cards and pose a serious electric shock or fire hazard for every user.

According to a court order issued Wednesday, the Nvidia company must respond to Lucas Genova’s claim by December. In a new update on Friday, the company says that after its investigation, they believe that the RTX 4090 power cable is melting, but it may be due to users not fully plugging it in. The company recommended that users plug the connector into the graphics card before slotting it into the motherboard and provided a picture of what a fully plugged connector should look like.

but Nvidia did not rule out other issues. The company says we are investigating all the issues to ensure that the connector is secure before powering on the graphics card. Users continue to report melted power connectors on the RTX 4090; therefore, the company has paid full attention over the past several weeks. company and its board partners say they will speedily authorize returns regardless of the cable or card used.

In the first report, Nvidia sent a notice to the board partners to send all the damaged cards to the company for a deep investigation. Since then, Nvidia has not shared much information outside of the facts and continues his investigation of damaged cards. In the lawsuit, several reports pointed to the RTX 4090’s 12V HPWR power connector or the card’s power socket melting after use. in the ongoing reports on Reddit identifying 26 confirmed reports of melting cards with melting cables whose boards are on Nvidia’s founder edition board as well as third-party manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI.

Lawyers for Genova are trying to get class-action status for the lawsuit, which would allow anyone who bought the RTX 4090 card to seek damages. This does not include those who purchased the RTX 4090 for resale purposes. If the court grants class-action status for the lawsuit, the number of class members is in the thousands and may be even higher because the exact number of members is unknown. They are seeking compensatory and punitive damages, plus pre-judgement interest on all awards as well as restitution.

Nvidia’s main GPU rival, AMD, apparently couldn’t resist itself, and both AMD and Nvidia are pushing on. The senior director of gaming marketing at AMD, Sasa Marinkovic, is tweeting. “Stay safe this holiday season,” with a picture of the dual 8-pin connectors on the new RX 7900 XTX GPU. And Nvidia announced that it will give a special address on January 3; may be we hear a new GPU announced.

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