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Modder shrinks PS5 Slim into PS5 Teeny Tiny, runs only slightly warmer than Sony’s attempt

In the realm of console customization, one daring modder has taken the PlayStation 5 Slim...

Modder shrinks PS5 Slim into PS5 Teeny Tiny, runs only slightly warmer than Sony’s attempt

In the realm of console customization, one daring modder has taken the PlayStation 5 Slim and transformed it into a marvel of miniaturization, unveiling the Tiny PS5 – a project that has garnered widespread attention for its impressive design and performance. In the span of just a week since its inception, the Tiny PS5 has emerged as a testament to the ingenuity of the modding community, offering a sleek and compact alternative to Sony’s original design.

Amid the bustling world of gaming innovations, a skilled modder has accomplished what many deemed impossible: the transformation of the PlayStation 5 Slim into the Teeny Tiny PS5. This ambitious project has not only captured the imaginations of gamers and tech enthusiasts alike but has also redefined the possibilities of console modification.

The journey into miniaturization began with a vision to create a PlayStation 5 that defied the conventional size constraints. Unlike previous attempts to shrink the PS5, this endeavor, reported by Sweclockers and extensively covered by the YouTube channel Not From Concentrate (NFC), stands out as a pinnacle of creativity and technical prowess.

NFC, known for its dedication to crafting visually stunning projects using cutting-edge CAD milling machines and 3D printers, has once again pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable. The result, is a Tiny PS5 that is not only half the height of its Slim predecessor but also exudes a stylish mini PC aesthetic, showcasing the modder’s commitment to both form and function.

While Sony’s PS5 Slim was designed with cost efficiency in mind, the Tiny PS5 opted for a different route. Housed within its compact frame is a 250W HDPlex GaN PSU, presenting a cost-effective alternative that is roughly one-third of the price of a PS5 digital version console. This decision not only contributes to the Teeny Tiny PS5’s diminutive size but also elevates its sophistication.

Addressing the inevitable concern of heat dissipation in such a compact design, NFC implemented an innovative cooling solution. The inclusion of a new heatsink and fan setup, featuring an Alpenföhn Black Ridge and Noctua Chromax 120mm, required an investment of around $130. While this may seem steep, the ultra-low profile and remarkably quiet performance achieved were deemed essential to match, if not surpass, the thermal and acoustic capabilities of Sony’s original design. Additional enhancements included specially crafted heat plates, thicker and offering greater surface area, contributing to optimal performance even during demanding gaming sessions.

Remarkably, the Tiny PS5’s diminutive stature did not compromise its thermal efficiency significantly. NFC’s meticulous testing revealed only a marginal increase in temperature, showcasing the modder’s dedication to maintaining the console’s performance integrity.

However, achieving such a reduced size came at a cost. NFC made the strategic decision to relocate the disc drive as an external unit, a task that proved to be more intricate than a simple cable extension. Sony’s unit, directly integrated with the PlayStation’s motherboard, required a display of impressive electronics wizardry to seamlessly integrate the external disc drive.

In the world of gaming consoles, where size often dictates capability, the Tiny PS5 stands as a testament to the boundless creativity within the modding community. While Sony’s commercial considerations may prevent the official release of such a compact design, the Teeny Tiny PS5 serves as a captivating example of what can be achieved when enthusiasts reimagine and reshape the gaming landscape.

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