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Intel’s Unveils Roadmap for 2024 Launch of Next-Gen Arc Xe2 “Battlemage” Discrete GPUs

Intel has recently reaffirmed its commitment to launching the next-generation Arc Xe2 "Battlemage" discrete GPUs...

Intel’s Unveils Roadmap for 2024 Launch of Next-Gen Arc Xe2 “Battlemage” Discrete GPUs

Intel has recently reaffirmed its commitment to launching the next-generation Arc Xe2 “Battlemage” discrete GPUs in the year 2024. This announcement comes more than a year after the introduction of Intel’s initial Arc discrete GPUs based on the Xe “Alchemist” core architecture.

The journey began with the launch of the Arc A380 and subsequently expanded to include higher-tier products like the A770, A750, and the most recent A750. Intel’s foray into the discrete GPU market was not without its challenges, as the company had to address performance issues and bugs associated with the Xe Alchemist architecture, drivers, and the overall software ecosystem. However, the recent announcement indicates that Intel has made significant strides in fine-tuning and optimizing its GPU offerings.

One notable integration is the incorporation of the Xe Alchemist architecture into Intel’s Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs as an integrated GPU (iGPU). This move has positioned Intel competitively against rival AMD’s RDNA 3 iGPUs. The performance of the integrated solution has been impressive, and further enhancements are expected as Intel continues to refine its drivers.

Looking ahead to 2024, Intel has revealed plans to introduce a brand-new GPU architecture, Xe2 “Battlemage.” This architecture is earmarked for deployment in the next iteration of Intel’s Arc Gaming & Pro discrete GPUs, targeting both desktop and mobility PCs. The announcement was part of a broader Client PC roadmap presented at the Japanese launch event of the Core Ultra CPUs.

The roadmap provides a glimpse into Intel’s discrete GPU lineup for the coming years, emphasizing the release of the Xe2 “Battlemage” discrete GPUs in 2024. Notably absent from the GPU portion of the roadmap are the Arc Alchemist iGPUs for Core Ultra GPUs, as they do not fall under the discrete graphics chip category.

Intel's Unveils Roadmap for 2024 Launch of Next-Gen Arc Xe2

Raja Koduri, instrumental in defining Intel’s GPU terminology, introduced the concept of the GPU tile, referred to as tGPU or Tiled GPU. This innovation marked the first generation of such a solution with Arc Xe. In 2024, Intel plans to introduce an updated version of the Arc Xe “Alchemist” iGPU, known as Xe-LPG+, within the 2nd Gen Core Ultra lineup codenamed Arrow Lake. This launch is anticipated in the latter half of 2024. After this, Intel envisions the release of Xe2 Battlemage on Lunar Lake, followed by Xe3 Celestial for future client chips.

Returning to discrete graphics, the roadmap serves as confirmation that Battlemage Xe2 is slated for release in 2024. These GPUs are expected to bring several new features, including support for Intel’s first frame-generation technology, ExtraSS. Intel has also demonstrated its commitment to providing a robust software platform for both current and next-generation chips, as evidenced by increased support for its next-gen GPUs within the Xe Kernel drivers for Linux 6.8.

Previous reports suggest that the Battlemage GPUs have not only addressed architectural choices that were perceived as unnecessary for Alchemist but are also shaping up well in initial silicon tests. Rumors hint at the existence of BMG-G10 GPUs (Xe2-HPG) running in labs, raising anticipation for further details from Intel in the coming months, possibly even during their upcoming CES 2024 keynote. As Intel continues to innovate and refine its GPU offerings, the market eagerly awaits the arrival of the next-gen Arc Xe2 Battlemage discrete GPUs in 2024.

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