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Intel’s integrated Meteor Lake GPU beats AMD’s Radeon 780M in leaked benchmark, Core Ultra 7 155H impresses in Geekbench 6

Recently, a leaked benchmark has revealed that Intel's highly anticipated integrated Meteor Lake GPU has...

Intel’s integrated Meteor Lake GPU beats AMD’s Radeon 780M in leaked benchmark, Core Ultra 7 155H impresses in Geekbench 6

Recently, a leaked benchmark has revealed that Intel’s highly anticipated integrated Meteor Lake GPU has surpassed the performance of AMD’s Radeon 780M. The benchmark, spotted by Videocardz, showcases the capabilities of the Core Ultra 7 155H paired with the upcoming Intel Arc integrated graphics.

The leaked benchmark has sparked excitement and speculation about Intel’s foray into the graphics market, especially given the noteworthy performance metrics recorded in Geekbench 6’s OpenCL graphics test. The Core Ultra 7 155H, set to launch on December 14, achieved an impressive score of 33,948, positioning itself as a formidable contender in the world of integrated GPUs.

What makes this revelation particularly significant is the direct comparison with AMD’s Radeon 780M, a graphics card commonly found in high-end gaming handhelds like the ROG Ally. The leaked benchmark places Intel’s integrated GPU ahead of the Radeon 780M, a commendable feat that underscores the potential competitiveness of Intel’s graphics solutions.

Geekbench’s official leaderboard further solidifies the Intel Arc’s position, as it outperforms not only AMD’s discrete RX 6400 but also the integrated Radeon 780M. The Core Ultra 7 155H’s integrated GPU secures the second position on the leaderboard, showcasing the prowess of Intel’s engineering and the promising capabilities of the upcoming Meteor Lake architecture.

However, experts and enthusiasts alike caution against drawing hasty conclusions from this leaked benchmark. It’s crucial to note that the benchmark in question focuses on computing performance rather than gaming prowess. This nuance is particularly relevant when comparing it to AMD’s RX 7900 XTX, which Geekbench 6 suggests is on par with the RTX 3090—a claim inconsistent with real-world gaming performance.

The comparison with AMD’s RX 6400 also warrants careful consideration. While the leaked benchmark indicates a clear victory for the Arc A380 over the RX 6400, previous reviews have suggested that these two GPUs are more or less comparable. The possibility of driver optimizations contributing to the A380’s performance cannot be ruled out, adding a layer of complexity to the analysis.

Moreover, the duration and intensity of the Geekbench 6 OpenCL benchmark raise valid questions. The benchmark concludes in approximately a minute, a timeframe that may not accurately represent sustained performance, especially in the context of mobile processors. Extended testing could provide a more comprehensive understanding of the integrated GPU’s capabilities over time.

Despite the excitement generated by this leaked benchmark, there are still numerous unknowns that cloud a thorough analysis. Key information, such as power consumption—an essential consideration for laptop chips—remains undisclosed. As the tech community eagerly awaits the official release of the Core Ultra 7 155H and the accompanying Meteor Lake GPU, it’s clear that more comprehensive testing and data are needed to assess the true potential of Intel’s latest graphics offering.

While the leaked benchmark is undeniably a positive indicator for Intel, caution is warranted in making definitive judgments about the overall performance and gaming capabilities of the Meteor Lake GPU. The tech industry remains on the edge of its seat, anticipating further details and official releases that will shed more light on Intel’s competitive positioning in the ever-evolving graphics market.

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