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Intel to launch 13th Gen Core non-K CPUs and B760 motherboards on January 3rd, 2023

Intel to launch 13th Gen Core non-K CPUs and B760 motherboards on January 3rd, 2023

This is big news because Intel will release its mainstream B760 motherboards and 13th-generation non-K CPUs on the 3rd of January, just around CES 2023. It’s not fake news because the lineup has been repeatedly leaked and both Microsoft and Gigabyte have confirmed it. Therefore, the lineup of Intel 13th generation non-K CPUs is no longer a secret. Board members will begin sending out their new offers by the end of December. I inform you that there are at least 20 SKUs in the process, which include the conventional 65W parts, the “F” (iGPU-less) parts, and the “T” (35W TDP) parts.

the amount of every set of SKUs in the new Intel 13th generation Core Raptor Lake series.

  • i3-13100 = 3
  • i5-13400 = 3
  • i5-13500 = 2
  • i5-13600 = 4
  • i7-13700 = 5
  • i9-13900 = 5

These chip sets are compatible with Intel’s existing motherboards, like the Z790, Z690, H670, B660, and H610 series. Intel also has a brand new chipset that will launch with these chip sets. The brand new chip will be known as B760 and will offer users a host of new features and added I/O support. This B760 chip set will compete with AMD’s B650 chipset in the value segment and target mainstream users.

The competition between Intel’s B760 and AMD’s B650 chipsets could be one-sided because B650 chip sets are much more expensive, which could give a big benefit to Intel. Intel has a collection of CPUs in the mainstream segment for the selection on the other hand, AMD reportedly developing its own mainstream “non-X” chips, which seem to be low-priced compared to the “X” parts. It’s difficult to offer a similar price for Intel’s Core i5 lineup in the sub-$300 and sub-$200 pricing ranges. And those users who do not want to buy a new B760 motherboard can purchase an existing B660 motherboard at a low price.

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