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Intel Core Ultra 7 155H delivers mixed performance in leaked tests: fast integrated graphics, slow CPU results

The leaked tests of Intel's highly anticipated Core Ultra 7 155H processor have surfaced ahead...

Intel Core Ultra 7 155H delivers mixed performance in leaked tests: fast integrated graphics, slow CPU results

The leaked tests of Intel’s highly anticipated Core Ultra 7 155H processor have surfaced ahead of its official launch on December 14. The preliminary results present a mixed bag of performance, with notable strengths in integrated graphics but concerning weaknesses in CPU capabilities.

Bilibili user Corbcas conducted the tests, providing an early glimpse into the potential strengths and weaknesses of the upcoming chip. The 155H is positioned as one of Intel’s high-power Meteor Lake processors, and initial expectations were optimistic. However, the leaked tests tell a more nuanced story.

On the positive side, the integrated GPU performance of the 155H is nothing short of impressive. The Bilibili user’s laptop, equipped with the 155H chip, exhibited outstanding results in 3DMark Time Spy. This suggests that the 155H could be a game-changer for users who prioritize graphics-intensive tasks, including gaming and multimedia applications.

Surpassing even the 780M graphics inside AMD’s competing Ryzen 7 7840HS, the 155H’s integrated graphics mark a notable achievement, particularly for those eyeing top-end gaming handhelds like the ROG Ally.

However, the optimism takes a hit when shifting the focus to the CPU performance of the 155H. In the Cinebench R23 test, the processor struggled to keep up, delivering subpar results. This stands in contrast to expectations for a high-power Meteor Lake chip.

The comparison with the Core i7-1360P in a Dell XPS 13 Plus revealed a mere 20% improvement in multi-threaded scores but a setback in the single-threaded test. The most surprising revelation was the substantial lead held by AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840HS in both metrics, raising questions about Intel’s competitive edge in CPU performance.

Digging deeper into the numbers, power consumption emerged as another area of concern. The 155H exhibited a roughly 40-watt power usage in both Cinebench R23 and Time Spy. Strikingly, this puts it on par with the power consumption of the Ryzen 7 7840HS and the Core i7-1360P, indicating that the 155H might be less power-efficient than its predecessor, raising eyebrows among users conscious of energy efficiency.

Despite these revelations, it is crucial to approach these leaked test results with caution. The absence of detailed information regarding the testing conditions, including the laptop model used, leaves room for speculation. Furthermore, the power consumption figures lack clarity, leaving uncertainties about whether they represent average or peak usage.

An interesting aspect highlighted in the leaked Time Spy results is a CPU frequency over time chart. The 155H’s inconsistent clock speeds, peaking at 4.5GHz only three times during the test and dipping as low as 3GHz at times, could potentially explain the lackluster CPU performance. However, the incomplete nature of the graph makes it challenging to draw definitive conclusions.

In the broader context, these leaked test results raise questions about the overall performance and efficiency of the Meteor Lake architecture. Given that it employs a new microarchitecture and utilizes the latest Intel 4 process (formerly 7nm), the observed CPU performance seems at odds with expectations.

As the tech community eagerly awaits Intel’s official launch on December 14, these leaked tests have added an element of uncertainty to the narrative surrounding the Core Ultra 7 155H. The true performance capabilities of this processor will only be fully understood when comprehensive and verified benchmarks are made available to the public, providing a clearer picture of Intel’s latest offering in the competitive CPU landscape.

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