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Gigabyte’s new Z790 X Motherboards are all about speed

In the dynamic landscape of motherboard technology, Gigabyte has once again raised the bar with...

Gigabyte’s new Z790 X Motherboards are all about speed

In the dynamic landscape of motherboard technology, Gigabyte has once again raised the bar with its latest innovation – the Z790 X series motherboards. Engineered to embody the essence of speed and performance, these motherboards usher in the next era of computing prowess. With a focus on cutting-edge features, enhanced cooling solutions, and advanced connectivity options, the Z790 X motherboards redefine what it means to be at the forefront of technology.

The Z790 X series introduces a revolutionary back drilling technology that visually stands out as raised segments on the rear of the motherboard. This innovative feature plays a pivotal role in amplifying the motherboard’s advanced capabilities, enhancing reliability, and optimizing overall speed.

Gigabyte’s “full metal thermal design” takes the concept of cooling to the next level. Integrated heatsinks and a seamless “real one-piece build” contribute to an expansive surface area for effective heat dissipation. This remarkable cooling approach is elevated further with the addition of strategically placed vents on the I/O section. These vents, a recent design overhaul by Gigabyte, have the potential to reduce temperatures by an impressive 7 degrees, ensuring optimal performance even under demanding workloads.

But it’s not just about cooling and aesthetics – the Z790 X series comes equipped with an array of powerful features. The inclusion of DDR5 auto XMP Booster profiles, notably the DDR5-8266+ profile, takes memory performance to unprecedented heights. The integration of auto-boosting XMP profiles empowers users to effortlessly push memory kits to speeds exceeding DDR5-8266 on a dual-channel 4 DIMM board with just a single click. This streamlined approach ensures the highest possible memory performance without the complexities of manual configuration.

The Z790 X series offers a diversified lineup catering to varying user needs. Notable variants include the Z790 AORUS XTREME X, MASTER X, PRO X, and ELITE X. Each model brings a unique set of features to the table while sharing Gigabyte’s commitment to delivering top-tier DDR5 performance alongside a robust VRM design that promises stability and impressive performance.

The board that garnered significant attention was the Z790 Aorus Pro X. Its striking white finish on both sides turned heads. Beyond its aesthetics, the Pro X stands out with its Sensor Panel Link feature. This innovative addition simplifies installation in chassis with built-in screens, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.

Moreover, the Z790 AORUS EXTREME X takes the AORUS style a step further with its innovative 5-inch display. This display provides users with real-time system information, including CPU voltage, fan speeds, memory clocks, and more. Aesthetic appeal meets functional convenience in this remarkable addition. If you’re seeking a cost-effective motherboard to complement a budget-friendly Intel CPU, the Aorus Elite X WiFi 7 emerges as a commendable selection.

In terms of pricing, Gigabyte has shared the cost details for the five newly unveiled motherboards. The range initiates at $280 for the Aorus Elite X Wi-Fi 7 model and reaches up to $1,000 for the Aorus Extreme X. Additional information concerning release dates should be forthcoming, with indications pointing toward a targeted launch in late September.