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Deathloop DLC or Sequel Confirmed? Voice Actors Spill the Beans in Surprising Interview Leak!

Deathloop DLC or Sequel Confirmed? Voice Actors Spill the Beans in Surprising Interview Leak!

According to a recent leak, Arkane Studios may be working on a DLC or sequel for their hit game “Deathloop”. The leak comes from an interview with Jason Kelley, the voice actor for Colt in “Deathloop,” who apparently mentioned that he and fellow voice actor Ozioma Akagha are still being hired by Arkane under the codename for “Deathloop.” Kelley quickly realized that he shouldn’t have said anything and tried to brush it off, but Akagha reportedly confirmed that they had heard nothing about it.

This news has generated a lot of excitement among fans of “Deathloop,” which was released in 2021 and received critical acclaim for its unique blend of action, puzzle-solving, and time-loop gameplay. The game followed the story of two rival assassins trapped in a never-ending time loop on the island of Blackreef, where they were forced to fight each other in a battle to the death.

While Arkane has not yet commented on the leak, many are speculating that this could be the first indication of a DLC or sequel for the game. It’s possible that the DLC or sequel could expand on the story of “Deathloop,” introducing new characters, locations, and gameplay mechanics. Alternatively, it could be a standalone game set in the same universe, exploring a different story or setting.

At this point, it’s difficult to say for sure what Arkane has in store for “Deathloop,” but the news of a possible DLC or sequel has definitely piqued the interest of fans. It remains to be seen whether this leak is accurate or whether Arkane has any plans for a “Deathloop” DLC or sequel in the works. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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