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Microsoft’s 10-Year Call of Duty Deal Allows Franchise Release On PS Plus

Microsoft’s 10-Year Call of Duty Deal Allows Franchise Release On PS Plus

In a significant development for the gaming industry, Microsoft’s recent 10-year deal concerning the Call of Duty franchise has unveiled a surprising opportunity for PlayStation users. The deal, which was primarily focused on Microsoft’s platforms, has now been revealed to also allow the release of Call of Duty titles on the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscription service.

This unexpected revelation comes after a lengthy and often-discussed dispute surrounding the Activision Blizzard merger and its implications for the Call of Duty series. Last month, Sony and Microsoft finally reached an agreement, granting PlayStation access to Call of Duty titles post-merger. However, new information has brought to light an additional aspect of this deal, one that has far-reaching consequences for the gaming community

It appears that Microsoft’s arrangement not only guarantees the continuation of Call of Duty titles on Xbox platforms but also permits PlayStation to include Call of Duty games in its PS Plus offering. This is a notable departure from traditional console exclusivity strategies, where each platform’s gaming content was usually limited to its respective ecosystem.

The significance of this revelation cannot be overstated. It opens the door for a multitude of Call of Duty games to potentially become part of the PS Plus lineup, similar to how recent titles from Bethesda Softworks were featured. This strategic move, while seemingly unexpected, aligns with Microsoft’s broader approach to gaming, focusing on expanding accessibility and inclusivity across platforms.

This revelation was uncovered by Stephen Totilo, who highlighted the remarkable fact that both Microsoft and PlayStation had agreed to a Call of Duty deal with striking similarities to the one initially offered to PlayStation back in 2022. This underscores the evolving nature of collaborations in the gaming industry, where partnerships can lead to unexpected opportunities and benefits for all parties involved.

However, it’s important to note that the inclusion of Call of Duty titles on PS Plus does not guarantee an immediate incorporation of the franchise into the subscription model. Unlike Microsoft’s approach, PlayStation has historically shown a hesitancy to feature AAA titles in their subscription service upon release. This discrepancy in strategy suggests that while the door is open, the specifics of how this will play out remain uncertain.

Microsoft’s 10-year Call of Duty deal has taken an intriguing turn by allowing PlayStation to include Call of Duty titles in its PS Plus service. This move not only expands the availability of the franchise but also highlights the shifting dynamics of collaboration and competition in the gaming industry. As gamers await further developments, it’s evident that this unexpected revelation has sparked a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Call of Duty’s presence across gaming platforms.


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