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ASRock Z790 Nova WiFi Has Six M.2 NVMe Slots, Reinforced GPU Support

ASRock Z790 Nova WiFi Has Six M.2 NVMe Slots, Reinforced GPU Support

ASRock, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance motherboards, has unveiled its latest innovation: the ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790 Nova WiFi motherboard. This cutting-edge motherboard boasts an impressive six M.2 NVMe slots, making it a game-changer for storage enthusiasts and power users.

Built to impress, the Z790 Nova WiFi is a standard ATX motherboard that harnesses the power of the Intel Z790 chipset. It supports the latest Intel CPUs, including the 12th, 13th, and 14th generation processors, all of which are compatible with the LGA 1700 socket.

One of the standout features of the Z790 Nova WiFi is its robust power delivery system. The motherboard is equipped with 20+1+1 90A SPS Phases, an SPS Power Stage, and 20K black capacitors, all of which contribute to a remarkable 20,000-hour MTBF rating. This ensures long-term reliability and stability, even under heavy workloads and demanding applications.

The motherboard’s eight-layer PCB with a 2oz copper layer further enhances its performance capabilities. This design choice is a testament to ASRock’s commitment to providing top-notch quality and performance in their products. To complement its impressive VRM configuration, the Z790 Nova WiFi features two XXL heatsink blocks. These heatsinks, one of which is equipped with a cooling fan, are interconnected by a heatpipe, facilitating efficient heat dissipation and ensuring optimal performance, especially during extended gaming sessions or resource-intensive tasks.

While accommodating six full-size M.2 slots is a feat in itself, ASRock has also made strategic provisions for other expansion options. The motherboard is equipped with two PCIe x16 slots, with one supporting PCIe 5.0 x16 at full x16 mode, and the other supporting PCIe 4.0 x16 at x4 mode. Additionally, there is a PCIe 3.0 x1 slot at the end for further expansion possibilities.

The inclusion of a vertical Key-E slot dedicated to the type-2230 WiFi 7/ BT 5.4 with MU-MIMO module opens up even more possibilities for customization and connectivity options. All M.2 NVMe slots on the Z790 Nova WiFi support type 2260 and 2280 drives, catering to a wide range of storage preferences. The first slot offers support for a PCIe 5.0 drive, delivering an impressive throughput of 128 Gb/s.

The second slot supports PCIe 4.0, providing speeds of up to 64Gb/s via the CPU lanes. Three additional slots operate at PCIe 4.0 mode through the chipset’s PCIe bandwidth, with one slot combining SATA III and PCIe 4.0 compatibility. In addition to the M.2 slots, the motherboard is equipped with four SATA III slots, all of which support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID configurations. It’s important to note that using M.2_1 will result in a downgrade of the PCIe1 bandwidth to x8 mode.

The Z790 Nova WiFi also addresses common concerns of GPU sagging and motherboard bending. A robust metal backplate is pre-installed to counteract bending, providing ample support for heavier graphics cards. The SMT type PCIe 5.0 slot employs 15μ gold contact for optimal signal flow, further ensuring stability.

To balance the weight of the GPU, ASRock includes a graphics card holder kit, complete with two types of screws for secure installation on the motherboard stand-offs. With a host of additional features, including a Realtek ALC4082 codec for onboard audio, 2.5Gigabit Killer 3100 Ethernet, and 802.11be 2×2 WiFi 7+ BT 5.0 module, the Z790 Nova WiFi caters to the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The rear I/O panel boasts up to nine USB Type-A ports (2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 5x USB 3.2 Gen 2) and a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C port, providing ample connectivity options. Additional features include a TPM header, a Thunderbolt AIC connector, three temperature headers, RGB, and three addressable RGB headers, with an ARGB splitter cable for expanded connectivity.

ASRock’s attention to detail is evident in the inclusion of a CMOS reset switch, Power/Restart switch, and Debug code indicator, providing users with convenient troubleshooting options. The Z790 Nova WiFi is designed for stability and durability, featuring high-density 2x CPU 8-pin and 24-pin connectors to minimize the risk of damage during intense overclocking.

With a retail price of $299.99, the ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790 Nova WiFi motherboard is now available on Newegg, and is expected to be accessible on Amazon and other leading retailers in the near future. This motherboard sets a new standard for storage capacity and GPU support, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-tier performance.

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