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ASRock Unleashes the Power: B760I Lightning WIFI Mini-ITX Board with DDR5-8400 Support

In an announcement at CES 2024, ASRock has unveiled its latest innovation in the motherboard...

ASRock Unleashes the Power: B760I Lightning WIFI Mini-ITX Board with DDR5-8400 Support

In an announcement at CES 2024, ASRock has unveiled its latest innovation in the motherboard realm – the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI Mini-ITX motherboard. This compact powerhouse stands out with its exceptional support for memory speeds, boasting an impressive DDR5-8400 capability.

The B760I Lightning WIFI adopts the popular Mini-ITX form factor and is engineered with the Intel LGA 1700/1800 socket, demonstrating ASRock’s commitment to accommodating the latest processor technologies. The motherboard’s power is harnessed through a single 8-pin connector, providing the capability to support even the most powerful processors, such as the Core i9-14900K, with its 14+1+1 phase VRM design meticulously integrated into an 8-layer PCB.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent thermal throttling, ASRock has implemented a robust heatsink attached to a heat pipe in the VRM design. This design choice underscores ASRock’s dedication to delivering high-performance computing solutions even in the constrained dimensions of Mini-ITX motherboards.

One of the standout features of the B760I Lightning WIFI is its memory support. The motherboard features two DDR5 DIMM slots capable of supporting up to 128 GB capacities, particularly with the latest 64 GB modules. The memory speed, however, steals the spotlight as ASRock demonstrated a remarkable achievement by reaching speeds of up to DDR5 8400 MT/s (40-52-52-130-182-2T) at 1.45V. This feat was accomplished using V-Color’s latest modules with SK-Hynix DRAM paired with an Intel Core i5-14600K CPU. This accomplishment is noteworthy not only for its sheer speed but also for its implications on performance optimization within the Mini-ITX segment.

ASRock’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of small form factor computing is further demonstrated by showcasing compatibility with Intel’s flagship desktop CPUs. Running the Core i9-14900K on the B760I Lightning WIFI resulted in peak performance, rivalling that of larger, high-end designs. This achievement highlights ASRock’s prowess in crafting motherboards that deliver uncompromised performance, regardless of size.

In addition to its remarkable processing and memory capabilities, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI offers a comprehensive set of features. The motherboard includes a single PCIe Gen5 x16 slot for discrete graphics cards, a PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD slot equipped with an M.2 Armor heatsink for optimal storage performance, two SATA III ports, and a rich assortment of USB and other I/O ports. The inclusion of WIFI 6E connectivity caters to the demand for high-speed wireless networking.

To address potential thermal challenges, ASRock has integrated an active fan beneath the I/O cover, providing additional cooling for the VRM. The rear panel features four 5 Gbps USB ports, two 10 Gbps ports (Type-A + Type-C), a 2.5G Ethernet LAN port, HDMI and DP connectivity, and a 3-channel audio jack, ensuring a versatile and well-rounded set of connectivity options.

While ASRock has not yet disclosed the pricing details for the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WIFI, the motherboard’s impressive set of features and capabilities suggests that it will likely be positioned as a premium solution within the Mini-ITX motherboard market. ASRock’s relentless pursuit of innovation and performance shines through in this latest addition to their Phantom Gaming lineup, setting a new standard for what can be achieved in the realm of compact computing.

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