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AORUS B650E Tachyon Motherboard Pictured, Designed To Push DDR5 Memory To The Extreme

A few months ago, AMD introduced its AM5 platform. It's been more than two months...

AORUS B650E Tachyon Motherboard Pictured, Designed To Push DDR5 Memory To The Extreme

A few months ago, AMD introduced its AM5 platform. It’s been more than two months since the B650E platform hit store shelves in October. The AMD partner, Gigabyte, published that they were working on one high-end motherboard that will support extreme DDR5 overclocking. but these specifications were missing from the X670(E) lineup. Therefore it seems that AORUS has decided to harness the potential of the B650E chipset and use it specifically for its DDR5 overclocking motherboard. 

You may have seen several extreme memory overclocking motherboards in the AM4 generation with dual-DIMM designs designed for memory overclocking. These are the top MSI motherboards that were offered with its B550 MEG Unify-X series design. The AORUS gained a lead on the AM5 with its B650E Tachyon. So the rumors have been confirmed. The photos leaked on Twitter show that Gigabyte is developing a Tachyon motherboard for AMD AM5 processors. but most motherboards do not use the X670E chipset, unlike most Ryzen 7000 series motherboards.

On the morning of December 16, 2022, the Twitter account of SkatterBencher posted the first picture of the new Aorus B650E Tachyon motherboard. This is specially designed for the AMD AM5 CPUs. When we come to the features of this new AORUS B650E Tachyon motherboard, it comes with a solid power delivery that is fully covered with two big heatsink cooling modules to keep the circuitry cool. Supporting the AM5 CPU, the AORUS B650E is powered by a single connector (8-Pin EPS). 

It has the ability to support all useful generation 5.0 M.2 and Gen 5.0 slots, with four M.2 slots and two PCIe x16 slots (Gen 5 and Gen 4). The motherboard has four storage ports and all the necessary overclocking and tuning options. The debug LED and the BCLK switch are placed below the PCH, while the BIOS switch and voltage measuring point are placed along the right-angle connector (24-Pin EPS).The AORUS B650E Tachyon is a perfect motherboard for DDR5 memory overclocking, but there is no information about the price or release date.

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