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AMD Zen 6 “Medusa” CPUs Unveiled: 2.5D Interconnect & Future-Forward Design

In the world of computer magic, AMD is making waves again. They've just revealed their...

AMD Zen 6 “Medusa” CPUs Unveiled: 2.5D Interconnect & Future-Forward Design

In the world of computer magic, AMD is making waves again. They’ve just revealed their newest creation: the Zen 6 architecture, and it goes by the mysterious name “Medusa.” This special computer chip is like a superhero, ready to power up the next batch of Ryzen chips and take them to new levels of awesomeness.

People in the tech community are buzzing with excitement, especially thanks to a mysterious user named @Olrak29_ who spilled the beans about the codename “Medusa.” This new revelation is a departure from the current Zen 5 chips called Granite Ridge, giving us a sneak peek into AMD’s secret plans for the future.

Now, let’s talk about the cool features of the Medusa CPUs. They have something called a 2.5D interconnect, which is like a superhighway that helps different parts of the chip communicate better. It’s like a magical spell that promises faster and better connections between the chip’s important parts. AMD is like modern-day wizards trying to create the perfect potion for an amazing computing experience.

@Olrak29_ shared some pictures that showed a fancy representation of the chip, featuring a Navi 31 GPU and two MCD stacks that represent the dual CCDs. There’s also a smaller piece that hints at something called an IOD (Input/Output Die). It seems like AMD might be going for a design with two main parts and a single IO die. The IOD might also grow in size to fit new technologies, but we’re not sure about the details just yet.

One interesting thing from the leaked info is that AMD decided not to stack the CCDs on top of the IOD. This is because it would be more expensive, but tech experts think AMD might try stacking designs in the future, similar to what they did with the Ryzen 5000 and 7000 SKUs.

The heart of the Zen 6 is called “Morpheus,” according to the leaks. If this is true, we can expect a big jump in how fast and efficient these CPUs are. It’s like AMD is performing magic tricks to stay ahead in the tech world.

Although we won’t see the official Zen 6 CPUs until 2025 or 2026, tech fans are eagerly waiting for more news from AMD. Right now, AMD is getting ready to release Zen 5 in 2024, which is like the opening act for the big show. As time goes on, AMD will reveal more about Zen 6, proving they are leaders in the CPU world. 

The Medusa CPUs are like a special chapter in AMD’s story, showing their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating a future where computers keep getting better and better. It’s a journey filled with secrets and surprises, where every piece of news is like a glimpse into the magical world of CPUs.

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