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AMD Unveils Navi 3X “RDNA 3” GPUs with “Cuarzo” Codename, Sparks Rumors of Navi 32 Mobile SKUs

AMD's highly anticipated Radeon RX 7000 series, featuring the cutting-edge "RDNA 3" GPUs, has made...

AMD Unveils Navi 3X “RDNA 3” GPUs with “Cuarzo” Codename, Sparks Rumors of Navi 32 Mobile SKUs

AMD’s highly anticipated Radeon RX 7000 series, featuring the cutting-edge “RDNA 3” GPUs, has made an appearance under the intriguing codename “Cuarzo.” The revelation comes courtesy of a leaked shipping manifest shared by the reputable hardware leaker Harukaze5179, shedding light on AMD’s potential plans for its Navi 3X lineup.

The leaked shipping label, reportedly sourced from AMD’s Canadian headquarters during the shipment of various SKUs to its global labs, suggests a departure from the traditional fish-themed codenames previously associated with the company. This time around, AMD seems to have opted for a more crystalline inspiration, choosing the Spanish word “Cuarzo,” which translates to “Quartz” in English.

The “Cuarzo” codename is further divided into three categories, namely Cuarzo Rojo (Red Quartz), Cuarzo Verde (Green Quartz), and Cuarzo Azul (Blue Quartz). While the exact reasoning behind these specific names remains unknown, industry insiders speculate that AMD might be aiming for a more sophisticated and universally understood nomenclature compared to some of its previous quirky choices like “Pink Sardine” or “Hotpink Bonefish.”

Despite the intriguing shift in codenames, the shipping label itself does not provide explicit details about any imminent product releases. However, enthusiasts and analysts are already buzzing with speculation, especially concerning the potential inclusion of the Navi 32 GPU package in mobile variants.

Videocardz, a reliable source for graphics card news and rumors, has suggested that the presence of listings such as “board D716” and “XEM” within the shipping manifest could hint at AMD’s plans to integrate the Navi 32 GPU into mobile SKUs. While this remains purely speculative at this point, it would not be surprising given the trend in the industry to adapt high-performance GPUs for mobile platforms.

The rumored Navi 32 mobile variant could play a crucial role in filling the gap between the existing Navi 33 and Navi 31 mobile SKUs. This move, if substantiated, aligns with AMD’s continuous efforts to cater to a diverse range of users, including those who prioritize powerful graphics capabilities in compact and portable devices.

As of now, it’s important to approach these rumors with caution, as no concrete evidence in the form of leaks has surfaced to support the speculation regarding Navi 32 mobile SKUs. AMD has remained tight-lipped about its future product releases, maintaining a strategy of unveiling details at its own pace.

The tech community eagerly awaits official announcements from AMD to confirm or deny these speculations and to learn more about the capabilities and features that the Navi 3X “RDNA 3” GPUs under the “Cuarzo” codename might bring to the table. In the ever-evolving landscape of graphics technology, AMD’s moves continue to captivate enthusiasts and industry observers alike, making each new development a subject of keen interest and anticipation.

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