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8 GHz Core i9-14900K Sets New Record in CS2 With 1,310 FPS

8 GHz Core i9-14900K Sets New Record in CS2 With 1,310 FPS

In an innovative display of technological prowess, Team AU Overclocking has achieved a remarkable feat by overclocking Intel’s Core i9-14900K CPU to an astounding 8 GHz. This achievement has shattered previous records, showcasing the immense potential of modern computing hardware.

The Core i9-14900K, a flagship 14th-generation “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPU, delivered an unprecedented performance in the recently released Counter Strike 2. Surpassing four-digit frame rates, this feat demonstrates the extraordinary capabilities of this processor, even under extreme conditions.

Achieving such a milestone is no small task; it necessitates the utilization of liquid nitrogen in copious amounts. This method of extreme cooling allows for the CPU to operate at these exceptional frequencies, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

Roger Chandler, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of Enthusiast PC and Workstation, Client Computing Group, personally administered the first batch of liquid nitrogen into the test bench, emphasizing the significance of this achievement for the overclocking community.

Counter-Strike 2, known for its compatibility with high frame rates, proved to be an ideal platform for this overclocking endeavor. Despite arguments that the game may not be particularly demanding, its responsiveness to higher clock speeds highlights its potential for pushing hardware limits.

The Core i9-14900K, which boasts a native 6 GHz turbo frequency, already stands as a notable achievement in its own right. However, by overclocking it to 8 GHz, Team AU was able to achieve an extraordinary 1,310 frames per second (FPS) in CS2. This stable overclocking gaming experience at such a high clock speed represents a remarkable milestone in the world of computing.

While a previous record of 9.1 GHz was reported for the Core i9-14900K, achieving 1,310 FPS at 8 GHz underscores the practical and stable application of this technology. The release of Raptor Lake Refresh has generated significant excitement within the overclocking community, with eager anticipation for further breakthroughs in the future.

This achievement not only showcases the capabilities of modern processors but also highlights the dedication of enthusiasts and the support of industry leaders like Intel in pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the world of computing.

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