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How to Clean a Motherboard? [2023]

How to Clean a Motherboard? [2023]

The motherboard is the heart and most important component of the computer. A motherboard connects all of your hardware components, enabling them to work together for optimal computer performance. Without a motherboard, you cannot connect all of your hardware parts and accessories to operate your computer. You must keep it in good condition because even small damage can seriously affect your computer’s performance. Maintaining your computer is crucial to keeping it functioning smoothly.

The motherboard has to be cleaned just as much as our homes, automobiles, offices, and even ourselves. Dust is poison for your laptop and PC. Moreover, even a small amount of dust on your motherboard might harm your computer. Short circuits, excessive heat, and poor performance could happen. You could create further issues if you are not skilled at cleaning motherboards or if you lack fundamental information.

Key Takeaways

  • Cleaning your motherboard regularly can prevent dust buildup and overheating issues.
  • Before cleaning, you should disconnect the power supply and remove the motherboard from the case.
  • You can use a soft brush, compressed air, or a microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the dust from the motherboard and its components.
  • You should avoid using any liquids, chemicals, or vacuum cleaners that could damage the motherboard or cause static electricity.
  • After cleaning, you should reassemble the motherboard and test it for functionality.

Why cleaning of motherboard is necessary?

After buying a computer, most people become focused on their jobs and neglect to clean the system and its parts. A clean computer is crucial for optimal performance. Your motherboard is likely to get a thin layer of dust on it, just like any other component of your computer. Due to the heat that some motherboard components produce, dust can make cooling those components more difficult and prolong their lives. Cleaning is required because you probably want to avoid that from happening.

Precautions before cleaning a motherboard

Before you clean the motherboard, it is important to take the given precautions to ensure proper cleaning without causing any damage to the motherboard.

  • You might need to start by removing the unit’s connections and any other associated accessories.
  • Cables for video, audio, and USB are among the peripherals. Since the power line grounds the computer, you can leave it attached.
  • Collect the equipment you’ll need to disassemble your computer so you can reach and clean the motherboard. A soft bristle brush, screwdrivers, a compressed air can, and other tools are required.
  • A cleaning cloth, cotton swabs, thermal paste, and scissors are things you could require.
  • If the components are left connected to the power supply while being cleaned, it may cause problems if there is any moisture or canned air present.

What are the methods to clean a motherboard?

There are numerous methods for cleaning a PC motherboard, but I’ll focus on the two most effective approaches.

  • Isopropyl alcohol should be used to clean the motherboard.
  • Refurbish the motherboard with thinner.
  • Using compressed air, clean the motherboard.

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol

This procedure is typically employed when any oily, viscous, or gooey substance, is bonded to the motherboard. It could be caused by excessive fungus and bacteria development on the motherboard. This procedure will be performed in case your board is not functioning, is fully dead, or may not be functional since it has a lot of dust and dirt particles. Allow me to demonstrate how to clean a motherboard using alcohol. Here are the steps to take in this case.

  • Shut down your system and detach all wires and plugs, especially power supply wires and plugs.
  • After then, let to cool it down for several minutes. Don’t rush into taking the next step.
  • Carefully remove the motherboard after disassembling the machine. Because pulling and forcing any part will result in severe injury.
  • Now, using a little amount of isopropyl alcohol, clean your motherboard. You can use cotton to exchange isopropyl alcohol just on top and edge of the motherboard.
  • Allow some time for your motherboard to totally dry out Don. If you are in a hurry, you can utilize compressed air. However, it must be burned. Motherboard cleaning will provide the finest performance right now; go to the next stage to assemble them.
  • Reassemble the computer with the motherboard and restart it. Use it to confirm that everything is working properly, and you may have exceptional performance and speed as a result of this strategy.

Cleaning with thinner

Using thinners to clean your motherboard is the same as using alcohol to clean it. If you want to use thinners, you must first learn how to clean the motherboard slots. Thinner is used to get rid of sticky, obstinate dust and dirt. Follow these instructions to clean the motherboard.

  • You’re familiar with the fundamentals, such as shutting down the computer and removing the cables, and connecting to it. Separate the motherboard from the machine.
  • Then, using a soft cloth or cotton, gently remove the dust.
  • If you choose the thinner approach, you will have more comfort and feeling since they are equipped to eliminate dust rapidly. If the dust persists, simply pour the thinner into your motherboard.
  • It will aid with the removal of dust from corners and difficult-to-clean areas. Now you can wipe the soft cloth on the whole motherboard to completely clean it.
  • Make sure it’s burnt before installing the motherboard and going about your business.

Cleaning with compressed air

In the process of cleaning a motherboard. You must be cautious if you plan to cleanse your motherboard with pressurized gas because it can take a bit longer, but it will be worth it. An air blower is available for this purpose. Without heating it up, they are meant to clean your motherboard. However, you must check the pressure before using this method to ensure that it is not too high, since this could harm specific motherboard components.

  • You must totally shut down your computer and unhook all of the connections before cleaning it, especially the motherboard. Down remove the motherboard from the computer once it is excellent.
  • Now clean your motherboard of dust, dirt, and debris using compressed air. It’s possible that some particles are left behind, requiring additional labour.
  • Use a delicate brush softly if any particles are still present. Dust can be removed by rubbing it on the surface.
  • Use the compressed air to completely remove it after it has been loosened once more. To fully clean the motherboard, it could take a few passes.
  • After that, install the motherboard and turn on your computer.

Most Economical method for cleaning of motherboard

     A toothbrush can be used to carefully clean the motherboard. You must use compressed air to blow the dust off for this reason. The dust particles can also be sucked up with a vacuum before being cleaned with a brush. But before using the brush to clean the motherboard, it must have soft, flexible bristles. This is the motherboard cleaning technique that is most cost-effective.

Which materials you should avoid while cleaning motherboard?

  • The liquid, especially the water, is not suitable for your computer or any of its components. Your entire computer system will be destroyed by one water drop. Never consider using water to clean a motherboard. With a few drips, it will break every part of the motherboard. Alcohol and isopropyl alcohol can be used to make any kind of liquid.
  • Vacuum cleaners have electrical currents, which will create a short circuit, overheating, and damage to the computer’s components, thus you should certainly avoid using one to clean the computer. To clean the PC, use canned air. In the majority of computer offices, it is simple to find. To clean the motherboard of your computer, you can also purchase a motherboard cleaning kit.


If you want your computer to be productive and provide you with top-notch service, cleaning is crucial. It’s not as difficult to clean your motherboard as you might imagine. It will only take a few hours to restore your motherboard to its original condition, regardless of how much dust or sticky Coke you’ve spilled. The secret is to move gently and with as much gentleness as you can muster. Make sure the motherboard is cleaned every three to six months.

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