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Duke Nukem Endangered Species Free Download

Duke Nukem Endangered Species Free Download

Duke Nukem: Endangered Species is a first-person shooter and big-game hunting-style video game that was developed in 2001, and in those days, it was at the height of its power. Duke Nukem 3D was being conducted all around. In those days, there were too many fans of this game, and Duke Nukem: Zero Hour and Time to Kill finally brought Duke to consoles. Because Duke Newcombe is not out forever (and will not be for another ten years), the fans of this game were very excited for its release, and it looks like no one could stop it. 

Gameplay of Duke Nukem
Gameplay of Duke Nukem

Key Takeaways

  • Duke Nukem: Endangered Species was a cancelled game that was supposed to be a spin-off of the Duke Nukem series, featuring hunting and shooting gameplay.
  • The game was developed by Sunstorm Interactive and n-Space, and was planned to be released in 2001 for PC and PlayStation 2.
  • The game would have allowed players to hunt various animals and monsters in different environments, using a variety of weapons and vehicles. The game would have also included a level editor and multiplayer modes.
  • The game was cancelled due to several reasons, such as technical difficulties, legal issues, lack of publisher support, and poor reception from fans and critics.
  • The game’s assets and source code were leaked online in 2019, allowing fans to download and play the unfinished version of the game. However, the game is still incomplete and buggy, and may not run on modern systems.
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    But it was a bad time for the Duke Nukem; a series of unfortunate events eventually saw the Duke’s estate change hands, and many games were canceled. In these many games, one was Duke Nukem: Endangered Species. Which I told you about above, was a first-person shooter big-game hunting-style video game.The canceled date for this game is December 18, 2001. But now you can play this game, Duke Nukem, to experience it yourself. because developers have released new information and rumors about its upcoming hunting game, Duke Nukem: Endangered Species. It is a prototype version of this game.

    Action Farms was unable to finish the game before it was canceled, so I informed you not to take this game too lightly. You may have to face some difficulties getting these 2001-era files to work on your modern PC. But before playing this game, you should know something about endangered species. The whole game is based on the Carnivores series, in which Duke travels the world to hunt down wild animals that have been genetically altered for a horrible fate. In the game Endangered Species, Nokem has to hunt down different types of dangerous wild animals that are running wild and attacking everyone without provocation.

    The aim of this was to increase the number of animals in it; the goal was to have 20 animals by the end of development, and each mission in the game features new animals. Including bears, lions, crocodiles, sharks, gorillas, grizzly bears, and tigers; furthermore, exciting boss enemies like a T-rex, a werewolf, a giant scorpion, and some kind of alien And on the map, locations will range from African savannas to tropical islands, Egyptian deserts to arctic tundra, and perhaps some more. 

    Also, to make the game more challenging, features such as Bigfoot, werewolves, and a Tyrannosaurus rex were added. All these animals in the game will use sound, sight, and smell to elude the hunter. In this game, the developers add more than 10 weapons for Duke Nukem. The weapons include shotguns, hunting rifles, crossbows, sniper rifles, pistols, and machine guns. and also includes the original weapons from Duke Nukem 3D. The names of these weapons are shrink rays, freeze rays, and rocket-propelled grenades. 

    Furthermore, the developers also give the players access to many types of tools, like scent makers, camouflage, weapon-sound suppressors, and animal calls. This game has all the features that will fully entertain the players. The extra features include the fact that the character Nukem’s goggles have GPS information, have thermal and night vision, and have a display that provides an analysis of the surrounding area. All of these animals and levels that we discussed above don’t end up in the leaked game, and there are no camera clips that were clearly designed as a development tool but were never removed. 

    If you want to see this game, Duke Nukem: Endangered Species, by yourself. What finally changed it? Then see Vivector: The Beast Within. This is a 2005 horror shooter game in which you fight animal-human hybrids to stop a foolish scientist from taking over the world.

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