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Is a GPU backplate worth it? [2023]

Is a GPU backplate worth it? [2023]

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, is the primary and most important hardware component of your computer. If you have purchased a GPU in the last five years, you will notice that it comes with a backplate since the cards started coming out with backplates only a few years ago. But the use of the backplate on graphic cards is quite common now. Interestingly, the graphics card is the only component in your PC that comes with a backplate. Moreover, it becomes the most noticeable component of your computer when built-in RGB lighting on its backplate lights give it the most attractive look. 

A backplate is the cover of a graphic card that features several benefits for the cards. It is mostly found in more expensive graphics cards, and there is a reason for adding a backplate to graphic cards. Most people think that the backplate is made for the nice look or beauty of the GPU. But it does more than give an excellent glimpse of beauty. Undoubtedly, the backplate offers several benefits but is a GPU backplate worth it? Or do we even need a backplate on the GPU? You must read this post until the end to uncover everything related to the card’s backplate, its benefits, and more. 

Key Takeaways

  • GPU backplates are metal or plastic plates that cover the back of a graphics card, providing protection, aesthetics and cooling benefits.
  • Backplates can prevent dust, debris and accidental damage to the PCB and components of the GPU, as well as reduce sagging and bending over time.
  • Backplates can also enhance the appearance of the GPU, especially if they have RGB lighting, custom designs or logos.
  • Backplates can improve the thermal performance of the GPU by dissipating heat from the backside of the PCB and VRAM, as well as creating a passive airflow channel.
  • Backplates are not essential for every GPU, but they are worth considering if you want to improve the durability, looks and cooling of your graphics card.

What is a backplate?

First, we need to know exactly what a graphic card’s backplate is. A backplate is like a cover on the back of the graphics card made up of plastic, aluminum, or steel. It’s mostly found in expensive and top-tier graphic cards. On the other hand, adding a backplate to graphic cards may make it expensive. Anyhow, most people think that the backplate is responsible for the nice look or beauty of the GPU. But it does more than just give a nice look or beauty. The backplate offers many benefits to your graphic card, which we will look at in the next section.

Is a GPU backplate worth it?

If you want to cover your graphic card and make it a bit more protective and attractive, a backplate is worth it. But if anyone thinks a backplate would work as a proper heatsink for cooling, you don’t need a CPU cooler, it’s true. It helps in heat dissipation but doesn’t replace the existing cooling system. The main function of the backplate is just to cover your graphic card, give a bit of protection to your GPU, and give a nice look with its RGB lights and metal body. It makes the graphic card stronger. Let’s explore the well-known advantages of a backplate that you can get by having it!

Protects GPU from Damage. 

The first and most obvious benefit of having a backplate on the graphics card is protection. A backplate not only protects the PCB of the card and other tiny components from damage but also shields the overall card’s build from bending or tearing. In addition, the card’s cooler also seeks protection-related support from the backplate. Suppose you have a triple-fan bulky graphics card. In such a case, having a good-quality metallic backplate becomes a necessity. Additionally, it also keeps the dust away as much as possible so keep the card clean.

Improves Aesthetics and Look.

Even though the main motto of the backplate creation is protection, some enthusiasts recognize it as a beauty enhancer. But if I look at the current graphics cards, it seems like the backplate is made to provide a perfect combination of protection and attractive aesthetics. It provides cleaner, sleeker, and more attractive cards than those without the backplate. In addition, if you are an RGB enthusiast, having a card with RGB lighting gives you more enthusiasm. It makes your rig more noticeable and eye-catching, adding more to your RGB passion. 

Enhances Airflow and Heat Dissipation. 

GPU backplates are sometimes made of aluminum and other excellent heat conductors to give better heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity of such metals acts as a heatsink. This metal absorbs the heat coming from the GPU but not the entire heat. The backplate absorbs anomaly a few degrees of heat from the GPU. In this way, if someone thinks the backplate does more than its nice look, it’s correct. Some brands and manufacturers make the full heatsink backplate. It comes with an integrated air-cooling system and totally absorbs the heat from the GPU.

Does a Graphics Card Need a Backplate?

The short answer is yes since the backplate is labeled as necessary for the GPU. But it’s not highly needed for your graphics card. It is used to modify your graphic card since it gives an attractive look, covers the graphic card, and makes it strong. This is the primary function of the backplate. It gives us some extra features in the shape of a heatsink and stability. When the backplate is made up of aluminum, it works as a heatsink to absorb the heat from the GPU, and if the fan is placed on the front of the graphic card, it works as a cooling device for your GPU

Moreover, the backplate gives us some more extra benefits. The backplate protects the back of the graphic card from some external effects, for example, water that can cause damage to the GPU. And it protects the GPU from dust buildup. In simple words, it is an excellent way to keep dust off the back of a graphic card. It is much easier to clean than the other components of your computer because of its smooth surface. Just swiping is often sufficient for cleaning the back of the GPU.


If I conclude my whole experience with the GPU backplate, it is worth it. It’s a good element for your graphics card, which covers the back of the GPU. It gives your graphics card a nice look and makes it challenging against some random jerks or falls which is the main function of the backplate. In addition, the backplate gives some extra advantages to your graphic card. It could also work on your graphic card as a heatsink to enhance overall heat dissipation. The metal of the backplate absorbs the heat coming from the graphic card. But some backplates are there with some cards that are solely made for heat dissipation.

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