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Best Graphics Card Brands in 2023

Best Graphics Card Brands in 2023

Are you a professional or a gamer who is having trouble choosing a graphic card because there are so many different brands available? Finding the best graphics card brands in 2023 for your PC or laptop is undoubtedly challenging. Perhaps you are also considering how many businesses produce graphics cards. Even the speed at which your browser renders material can be impacted by a good graphics card, and GPUs are being used as bitcoin mining equipment. 

Most of the time, these characteristics are used to rank graphics card manufacturers. A laptop or computer without the most incredible graphics card is equivalent to a person without creative ability. In other words, getting the right graphics card is essential, even if you’re not a die-hard gamer. No brand is entirely reliable, even though some card companies have a well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality products.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three main brands of graphics cards: Nvidia, AMD and Intel.
  • Nvidia is the market leader in terms of performance, innovation and market share. It offers a range of products from the high-end GeForce RTX series to the budget-friendly GeForce GTX series.
  • AMD is the main competitor of Nvidia, offering similar performance at lower prices. It also has a strong presence in the console market, powering the PlayStation and Xbox systems. Its products include the Radeon RX series and the Radeon Pro series.
  • Intel is the newcomer in the graphics card market, having launched its first discrete GPU, the Iris Xe, in 2021. It aims to challenge Nvidia and AMD with its integrated graphics solutions and its upcoming Arc series of gaming GPUs.
  • Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the user’s needs, preferences and budget. Some factors to consider when choosing a graphics card are compatibility, power consumption, cooling, features and support.


The biggest maker of graphics cards, Nvidia, has consistently positioned itself as the sports car of the GPU market, providing the best performance at a price that increases with that performance. The top premium cards in the game are now more affordable thanks to cost-cutting measures taken by these businesses due to growing competition in recent years. At least, it is the theoretical premise. Recent supply chain breakdowns have led to significant price spikes and shortages.

Important details

  • $17.57 net value.
  • The USA is the brand’s country.
  • established in April 1993
  • Based in Santa Clara, California, Jensen Haung is the company’s founder and CEO.
  • Products include GPUs, CPUs, chipsets, and drivers.
  • The score right now is 8.8.


Except for recent market turbulence, AMD has traditionally been the brand to beat in terms of financial worth. Except for a few mid- to upper-tier machines, where Nvidia surpasses Radeon in terms of both price and performance, this is still the case. However, compared to before, things are a little more in balance now. Their most recent Navi CPU with RDNA architecture has reduced the technology gap with Nvidia after being technologically behind for years. 

The following are some relevant facts:

  • Jerry Sanders is the founder.
  • Lisa Su is the CEO right now.
  • Offices in Santa Clara, California, United States.
  • Products include GPUs and motherboards.
  • Rating: 8.7 on the market.


The world’s top motherboards, as well as premium personal computers, displays, graphics cards, routers, and other technology products, are produced by the international corporation ASUS, which was founded in 1989. These cards are on the list: RTX 30 Series from GeForce. GeForce RTX 20 Series: GeForce RTX 3090Ti. GeForce RTXTM 2080 Ti is a part of the GeForce GTX 16 Series, and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is a part of the GeForce GTX 10 Series.

Important details

  • $ 182 billion is its net worth.
  • Its mother country is Taiwan.
  • It was discovered on 2 April 1989.
  • Its founders are Ted Hsu, T.H. Tung, M.T. Liao, and Wayne.
  • Samson Hu and S.Y. Hsu are their current CEOs.
  • Its main office is at Beitou.
  • Desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and networking equipment are well-known products. The brand rating is 9.2.


The greatest manufacturer of graphics cards is Sapphire. Even though overclocking no longer has the negative stigma it once had, you shouldn’t disregard the cooling of your graphics card.

This company is well known for its packaging of highly dependable cooling systems.

The cards that are produced under this name are quite effective at controlling temperature and are silent. Although these cards can be used both indoors and outdoors, Sapphire only supports AMD GPU.

Key Points

  • $1.7 billion is the net worth.
  • It was published in Hong Kong.
  • It was established in 2001, and its founder is Manoj Betawar. Its well-known products include motherboards and graphics cards.
  • The market rating is 8.0.


eVGA stands for Extended Video Graphics Array. Excellent customer service from eVGA is well-known, and their warranty is still in effect if your card has been overclocked. One of the leading producers of graphics cards is eVGA. Not that their work isn’t excellent—far from it. eVGA cards are typically not the most visually appealing, but they are dependable workhorses with good value compared to other top-tier performers. These are suitable for mid-range customers looking to purchase a budget build.

Key Points

  • It has a $150 million net value.
  • The USA is the country of manufacture.
  • It started in July 1999.
  • Andrew Han was the founder.
  • In addition to power supplies, it is well known for graphics cards, cases, gaming mice, and monitors.
  • It has a 9.0 market rating.


GIGABYTE has a wide range of products called “Upgrading Your Life.” GIGABYTE built its reputation as an industry leader with award-winning products such as motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, monitors, and other PC components and accessories. The company has experience in consumer, business, gaming, and cloud systems.GIGABYTE is poised to expand its range of business servers and cloud systems with hardware and software solutions that integrate AI and IoT applications.

 As a steadfast developer of PC and server hardware and solutions, GIGABYTE is committed to fostering wonderful user experiences for content creators and gamers, allowing their imagination to manifest a better life. Gigabyte offers lifetime warranties on its goods, but quality comes at a cost. Thus, Gigabyte offers nearly identical items to those offered by other businesses, but its quality and price are also effective, making it more dependable. This company sells a range of graphics cards based on AMD and Nvidia CPUs. 


MSI is a global leader in gaming, content production, business & productivity, and AIoT technologies. MSI has a significant global footprint spanning over 120 countries because of its cutting-edge R&D skills and customer-driven innovation. It is well known worldwide for its extensive portfolio of laptops, graphics cards, displays, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, and automotive infotainment and telematics systems. 

If you want to buy for the finest outcomes, MSI is one of the top Graphics Card Manufacturers that supports both Nvidia and AMD GPU. As such, you should always consider MSI for all your hardware needs. This business is ranked among the top 10 graphic card manufacturers. MSI never skimps on quality; no matter when someone’s life begins or ends, MSI’s performance will remain constant. This brand is most suitable for high-end builds and can cost a decent amount of money.


To sum up the best graphics card brands in 2022, here’s my experience. Unless you explicitly require a cooler card or one that is quieter, I only focus on the brands’ customer service because all the cards are essentially the same. Palit is a reasonably reputable company with high-quality cards, but they frequently go unnoticed because of its lack of brand recognition. I rarely hear anything wrong about their customer service, and they have an excellent RMA policy.

People frequently favor EVGA for its warranties because it is one of the more moral businesses. When it comes to EVGA, there is a high bar for customer service, so you know you’re in good hands if something goes wrong with your card. Despite MSI’s questionable business practices, low-quality manufacturing, and appalling return policies, they don’t necessarily ship subpar cards. ASUS is a decent brand, but they overprice themselves out of the market.

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